If Boris Can’t Counter the Red Menace in Education, This Is the Last Ever Conservative Government

If Boris Can’t Counter the Red Menace in Education, This Is the Last Ever Conservative Government, by James Delingpole.

Just have a look at this terrifying map of how the General Election result would have turned out based on the 18- to 24-year-old vote.

Tony Blair has a lot to answer for here. I agree with Peter Hitchens that, despite his carefully cultivated image as a ‘Third Way’ moderate, Tony Blair always remained the hardcore Trotskyite he was at university. Nowhere was this more evident than in his policy of rapidly expanding the universities, to the point where now around 50 per cent of school leavers go to university (whereas before Blair, it was closer to 10 per cent).

The effect of this — as I’m quite sure Blair was hoping — was to create a powerful electoral bloc of brainwashed little Marxists. Kids who, before, would have gone on from school to apprenticeships or other trainee schemes or just started earning wages, paying tax and saving for a mortgage, are now frittering away their early twenties on borrowed money few of them are ever likely to repay, while having their impressionable heads filled by left-wing academics with post-modernist, Marxist drivel about identity politics, microaggressions, intersectionality and entrenched social injustice. …

And it’s not just the 18-24 demographic we’re looking at here. The Conservatives also got hammered by the 24- to 34 year-olds.

Indeed, the trend disturbingly suggests that where before graduates grew out of their idiotic student leftism, today they are remaining pinkos for life.

What, then, can the Conservatives do to stop universities becoming madrassas for leftist revolutionaries?

Well for a start, … they could try ensuring that some of the top jobs in academe go to conservatives for a change.

Another option might be to defund SJW courses like gender studies and environmental sciences, which inculcate in its students nothing of intellectual value, only a spirit of a resentment combined with misplaced crusading zeal, and which render students entirely unfit for any career outside the taxpayer-funded bureaucratic state.

Preserving freedom of speech, too, should be absolutely key. … It’s not just right-wing ideas that are under threat. Any ideas that are not explicitly and aggressively left-wing have been virtually anathematised in academe. If universities are no longer about the free exchange of ideas then they should be stripped of state funding and left to rot.