U.S. and Australia Lead Revolt Against U.N. Global Climate Tax

U.S. and Australia Lead Revolt Against U.N. Global Climate Tax, by Simon Kent.

United Nations negotiators expressed disbelief then anger Sunday as the COP25 climate talks in Madrid, Spain, looked set to end with no agreement on anything of substance.

The only unanimous decision reached by the 25,000 delegates was the backing for another identical conference in 12 months time to revisit the agenda in a program that first started in 1991.

Negotiators from the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) pointed the finger of blame at Australia and the United States as well as Brazil and Japan for resisting the call for financial reparations to be sent to “victims” of climate change as well as other major industrial nations which see no reason to support U.N. global climate tax demands.

A modeling error in the 1960s parlayed into a global tax in the 2020s. Behold the awesome power of protecting a PC mistake from criticism!

Q: What other awesome mistakes might the PC mob be making?

A: What aren’t you allowed to criticize?

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific