“Liar”, “Die!”: The Guardian’s Warmist Savagery

“Liar”, “Die!”: The Guardian’s Warmist Savagery. By Andrew Bolt.

Guardian Australia warmist Amy Remeikis is astonished, demonstrating her invincible ignorance from the start:

“There are no climate change deniers around I can assure you,” Rupert Murdoch said last month at News Corp’s annual general meeting. His declaration that the publisher of the Daily Telegraph, the Australian and owner of Sky News was free of climate deniers was widely greeted with mirth.”

What then erupts from her and her Guardian readers shows how truly primitive “progressives” have become.

It is an orgy of vilification, ignorance, tribalism and hatred, with a total uninterest in debate and virtually zero engagement with facts.

Here is a perfect example of how “progressives” treat global warming — not as a science but as a tribal marker. …

To “prove” Murdoch “wrong”, Remeikis produces a string of quotes, many from me … But what is most startling about her list of supposedly damning quotes is that it’s basically a list of scientific facts. … Remeikis even included links to my evidence, yet nowhere in her article attempts to disprove a single thing I say. …

No need. It’s beyond discussion. And anyone who disagrees is politically incorrect and therefore shunned by the professional class and the opinion-makers. “Facts” Andrew! Such an old fashioned view. That’s not how the PC mob rolls.

Nowhere in her article does Remeikis even try to prove my factual assertions wrong. Instead, she presents them as evidence of my evil. Quoting science is now evidence to her that you, er, deny the science. …

Let me just note the otherwise total indifference not just to the facts I cited but indifference to any obligation to argue the science.

Remeikis and her readers shown no interest in the truth of global warming. It’s only the belief in it that’s important.

Are you in our mob, or against us?

The Guardian reasons do not engage in argument. Note instead their extraordinary and overwhelming abuse – which the Guardian Australia also saw fit to print. These are people in love with hate.

Here’s just a small sample. Murdoch is described as “evil”, a “malignant, scrotum-faced turd”, a “liar”, “malign”, “feral”, a “cancer”, an “evil old scroat”, “demon”, a “testicular tumour”, “selfish”, a “stain on humanity”, a “dictator”, “the Great Satan”, a”manipulator”, a “pig”, “rotten” and guilty of “sadism” and of having a “black heart”.

Half a dozen readers wish him dead: “I don’t normally wish death on anyone, but in Murdoch’s case I’ll make an exception”; “just die, Murdoch”, “just die already”, “should be excised”, “the day he dies I will celebrate with champagne”, “may he rot”.

I’m described as an “infant”, “lunatic”, “unhinged”, “criminal”, “liar”, “bullshitter”, “shock jock”, “idiot”, “bastard”, “dishonest” and “parasite”.

The Guardian Australia should be embarrassed to publish such mindless savagery.

I wonder how they will react to rolled-gold proof that the carbon dioxide theory of global warming is merely due to a modeling error made over five decades ago?