Now for the Boris Johnson revolution

Now for the Boris Johnson revolution, by Tim Shipman.

Boris Johnson has drawn up plans to run a “revolutionary” government that will see ministers sacked, government departments abolished and civil servants replaced by external experts in a bid to “reshape” the economy. …

The prime minister called in senior civil servants, including cabinet secretary Mark Sedwill, on Friday afternoon and announced that the whole government had to shift its focus to improving the lives of the working-class voters in the north of England who backed Brexit and switched to the Tories. …

Insiders say new ministers will be selected based on their expertise and ability to drive change rather than whether they are good media performers. …

The first priority will be throwing the “kitchen sink” at the National Health Service so it is “impossible” for Labour to use the issue to beat the government at the next election.

Next will be transforming the economy of Britain outside London so that northern voters will benefit from high-tech jobs.

Third will be the launch of record numbers of infrastructure projects, likely to be dubbed Boris bridges.

A senior government source said: “We need a radical reform of the machinery to ensure that it’s ready to deliver a transformative government. We need to shift our focus and start delivering for people outside the home counties.” …

The Queen’s speech will also include bills to make terrorists serve their full sentence, provide a better service to commuters, better protection for renters and stop local authorities boycotting products from other countries such as Israel.

New rules on senior civil servants will ensure it is easier to recruit external experts from business and other sectors to serve alongside career mandarins.

A senior source said: “There will be a lot of changes to the system – hiring, firing and training. We’ve got to shake up people, shake up structures, shake up management, shake up No 10.

“We have to get the right people in the right jobs across the board. People want change and we’ve got to deliver.”

Immediately signalling a shift from showering government largesse on the professional classes who all vote Labor, to the recent losers in the economy. This will make the professional, opinion-making classes so cross they will explode.

Getting rid of the lefty bureaucrats will be a big step forward too. Now, if only he had the foresight and balls to eliminate the BBC.