UK election 2019: Labour now means inner-city lefties

UK election 2019: Labour now means inner-city lefties, by Caroline Overington.

Labour no longer means working class. Labour now means the inner-city lefties, with a tinge of trendy, and a touch of green.

There’s really no other way to read the results coming out of Britain.

The working class has deserted Labour. People who have never in their lives voted anything other than Labour – whose parents, and grandparents only ever voted Labour – have swung conservative.

Nobody can quite believe this, but Boris Johnson’s team has scooped up Blyth Valley. The Conservatives have also taken the west Cumbrian seat of Workington.

These are seats that Labour has held since … well, since before the Beatles were a thing. …

Labour used to be for steelworkers, and coal miners, and train drivers, and shop assistants, and it’s now for issues that excite the inner-city bubble.

The result is also, very clearly, punishment for Labour’s arrogance on Brexit. It was mainly the working class that voted for Brexit. They voted to leave. Their decision was met with disdain, by their own party. You want to leave? No, you must be stupid. …

It’s bloody rude, to ask the public what they want, and tell them they’re stupid for making their choice.

The great re-alignment rolls on.

UPDATE: Joanne Nova:

In the land Downunder there has been close to zero discussion about the obvious benefits in Australia of freer trade with the fifth largest economy and long time cultural partner, almost like the media (especially the ABC) don’t want to mention it.

What’s remarkable here is that 44% of Australians don’t know or don’t back a post-Brexit Trade deal [poll result]. … Why isn’t a post-Brexit deal with Britain a bleedingly obvious win for 99%?

Australia has much to gain from Brexit, but our media never mentioned that because it wouldn’t have helped Team Globalist.