How Dare They?

How Dare They? By Steven Hayward.

I’m still awaiting a media story that discloses the massive and organized PR operation behind St. Greta. You don’t really think she emerged spontaneously? Who pays for the travel of her retinue, for her hotel rooms and meals, and organizing the public events and other moveable feasts where she appears? I suspect she and her parents (reportedly leftist artists and actors of one kind or another) are banking some nice coin on this whole scene.

St. Greta can look forward to a great future. In fact, I predict if she keeps this up, she’ll have a shot at marking more appearances on CNN than Michael Avenatti — the media’s last great celebrity hero who they championed not for actual newsworthiness, but because he was a perfect ventriloquist dummy for the narrative they want to promote.

More net mischief:

Shame on the Liberals Who Use Greta Thunberg as a Human Shield, by Jim Treacher.

I would prefer if Trump didn’t tweet mean things about her …

They’re counting on it. That’s the whole idea. They love that Trump is yelling at her. He’s playing right into their hands.

Ed Driscoll:

It’s the bread and butter play in the left’s playbook, and partly explains why they love their “mascots of the anointed,” as Thomas Sowell dubbed them in The Vision of the Anointed.

The media declared Jon Stewart to be the second coming of H.L. Mencken, but if anyone criticized him, the clown nose went back on, and the response was “he’s just a comedian.”

To criticize Obama was to risk being called a racist, leaving John McCain in the role of the Washington Generals in 2008.

And now to criticize Thunberg is to be told “she’s just a kid.” But why would anyone take science advice from a kid?