Australian voters — volatile, disloyal and impatient

Australian voters — volatile, disloyal and impatient, by Paul Kelly. Based on the Australian National University 2019 Election Study.

The Liberal Party owns the over-65 vote, with the study showing this split 60-29 per cent ­Coali­tion over Labor. Scott Morrison has tied the “grey” vote to his ­ascendancy, an iron law that will dominate the Prime Minister’s public policy affecting this demographic.

The opposite trend occurs in the under-35 age vote. The election this year saw the lowest Liberal vote for this age group at 23 per cent, a Labor vote at 37 per cent, which is much higher but with a downward trend because the Greens vote has exploded to reach 28 per cent in this demographic. People under 35 were more likely to vote Greens than Liberal, a shocking comment on the Liberals. The Labor vote among under the under-35s is falling as the Greens steal their lunch.

Younger voters are moving to the left and older voters are moving to the right. Taking a broad sample of the nation, among the over-55 age group, 18 per cent more voted Liberal than Labor at the election (a 50-32 per cent split). This is the greatest Liberal lead in this category since the inception of the study in 1987. The Greens vote among over-55s is a dismal 3 per cent.

Ian McAllister, co-author of the study, said: “The generational divide is huge. I think in 10 to 15 years’ time we will be discussing it as the main issue in politics.”

Who does the generational divide assist in the long run? Take your pick — the young vote suggests it will favour the Labor-Greens left but this depends on the assumption that as people age into their 40s and 50s they stay progressive. The case for the Liberals is that because a greater proportion of voters will constitute the over-55 group in future years the split will suit them.

It takes time for people to learn about the world. Today’s young, especially, are indoctrinated hard in the PC fantasies.

The indoctrination was less intense when I was young, but it still took me to about 30 or 35 to realize most of what I’d been taught on certain subjects was the opposite to the truth. Just a tissues of lies and omissions designed to benefit certain groups of people. Your mileage may vary.

Some people never figure it out of course, preferring to ignore certain realities forever — especially if their jobs or social standing depends on appearing to believe the PC nonsense.

Other interesting findings:

Shorten had the second lowest popularity rating out of the 24 major party leaders since the 1987 election. …

45 per cent of men gave the Liberals a first preference vote compared with 35 per cent of women. Women, more than men, vote Labor. But the big gulf arises from their support for the Greens — women in 2019 voted Green over men 15 to 9 per cent. Women spearhead the left-progressive vote.

Yep, some women prefer big government to a man, now that they have a choice.