Why impeachment is a ‘Trumped-up charge’

Why impeachment is a ‘Trumped-up charge’, by Cameron Stewart.

Richard Citrola has had enough of the impeachment saga that has all but paralysed American politics. “I’m a little guy, I’m not a rich guy, I’m just a hardworking pizza guy,” says the 50-year-old father of two who owns an Italian restaurant in Fort Myers on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

“I think most of the country is like me and I can tell you this impeachment stuff is garbage. Trump makes one mistake on something because he’s got a big mouth but are we going to sit there and micro-manage everything he does? People can hate him, but at the end of the day our economy is doing good, people want to come to this country and my friends have all got jobs. No one talks about that.” …

Voter 2:

“It’s a scam, it should never be happening,” says Bernie Worrell as he takes his morning walk in the Bayside Estates trailer park-style community near Fort Myers Beach. Worrell, 81, is a retired supervisor at a General Motors plant in Indiana and often has voted Democrat but says he voted for Trump in 2016. He, like many others interviewed by The Weekend Australian, says the impeachment inquiry has made him more — not less — likely to vote for Trump next year.

“I’ve read about it and seen what Trump has said, and I don’t think he did anything bad in the Ukraine,” he says. “As soon as he was elected they started working to impeach him. It’s a made-up scam at a time when the country is doing better than it has in years.” …

The impeachment is strengthening Trump’s support among Republicans:

In a so-called “homecoming” rally near Miami last week, Trump — who has changed his residency from New York to Florida — revealed how he plans to use the impeachment issue to rally his supporters next year. Trump spent a large part of the rally denouncing the impeachment process as a scam and a hoax, prompting the 20,000-strong crowd to chant “bullshit, bullshit”. …

The latest polls show national support for Trump among Republicans at 90 per cent …

Voter 3:

Charter boat captain Larry Conley scoffs at [the impeachment] as he sits in his boat cradling a Corona beer near Cape Coral. The 60-year-old has never cast a vote in his life but watching the impeachment saga has made him change his mind. He says he will cast his first vote ever next year for Trump.

“I heard enough about it to figure out it’s all bullshit,” he says.

“From what I hear, Ukraine says there was no pressure, it was just the opposite, but the Dems want him out because he is interfering with all their crooked stuff.”

And so on.

The Horowitz Report on the shenanigans that lead to the previous nonsense that Trump was a Russian agent, the Obama team’s spying on Trump, and so on will come out tomorrow. Might be interesting if it finds anything solid and damning.