Immigration and Homosexuality: the Left’s Tactic

Immigration and Homosexuality: the Left’s Tactic. By Graham Gillard.

Since the beginning of the Obama era, the Left has broadcast two contradictory messages on the subjects of race and immigration.

The first is that a so-called Coalition of the Ascendant will inevitably displace white Americans as the dominant force in the country’s politics and culture. The second is that rejoinders in the “You will not replace us” vein are a racist overreaction that mark one as a pimply alt-right incel.

Progressives tried a similar move with great success during the homosexuality debates of the ’90s and aughts, deploying a stinking amalgam of the incompatible arguments “Stop opposing gay marriage, bigot” and “No one is calling for gay marriage.”

In both cases, the point of the exercise is to advance steadily toward the goal while appearing not to move at all: to show the blade only in the instant before one strikes.