Transgender clinic’s bid to operate on girls under 17

Transgender clinic’s bid to operate on girls under 17, by Bernard Lane.

Australia’s biggest youth gender clinic wants to start surgery on teenage girls under the age of 17 and to lock in long-term funding increases that will survive beyond Victoria’s pro-transgender Andrews government.

In unreported evidence to the state’s mental health royal commission, clinic director Michelle Telfer from the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne reveals that about two-thirds of last year’s record new referrals are girls past puberty who identify as boys, with “many” asking for “chest reconstructive surgery”.

RCH and the government have refused requests from The Australian and the opposition for basic patient data. …

In her evidence, [Dr Telfer] says: “Given the politicisation of gender diversity and of (trans) child and adolescent healthcare in particular — as seen with the Safe Schools (program) nationally and the marriage equality debate — clinicians and the (trans) community share concerns of funding sustainability with changes in governments.” …

There is global concern about the safety and ethics of trans medical treatment amid a spike in atypical teenage patients, mostly girls, diagnosed with dysphoria.

Critics say the influence of pre-existing issues — including mental health problems, autism, same-sex attraction, and family trauma — is not properly investigated by gender-focused clinics.

Dr Telfer says her hospital has the expertise to start trans mastectomies but lacks the money. …

Dr Telfer’s evidence did not mention international criticism of the 2018 RCH treatment standards, a 2011 Swedish study showing post-surgery trans adults had suicide rates 19 times above the general population, a 2015 Dutch study reporting worrying levels of uncertainty among clinicians about the safety of puberty blocker drugs that can lead on to surgery, or the trend of regretful young adult “detransitioners”.

Taxpayer money for progressive surgeons to carry out the agenda of the sexual revolutionaries. What could possibly go wrong?