Donald Trump was elected to break the elite. Of course they want to impeach him

Donald Trump was elected to break the elite. Of course they want to impeach him. By Scott Jennings.

When the global elite are aligned against him and laughing like the immature cool kids you hated in middle school, President Donald Trump is winning. …

You have to remember: Donald Trump wasn’t elected to fit in with these people — the political, intellectual class — to make them happy, or to become one of them. He was elected to break them. And that’s apparently what he’s done.

If you’re not attracting flak, you’re not over the target

After Wednesday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing featuring three liberal law professors and Thursday’s announcement by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that her conference is moving forward with impeachment, the die is cast — Donald Trump will be the third president in American history to be impeached by the House of Representatives.

And honestly, that’s just fine with Trump’s supporters. What better evidence is there that you’ve shaken Washington to its core when the minders of a system you’ve come to despise are leveling the gravest punishment the system permits against the very President who is doing the shaking up? …

Trump’s supporters have known since election night that this day would eventually come. After all, his sworn enemies have been openly promising it since before he was sworn into office! They’ve used words like “resistance,” “coup,” “insurance policy,” and “impeachment” so often that, now that they are actually doing it, the American people — and Republicans especially — are offering a collective yawn.

Rueful analysts stare into television cameras, lamenting and wondering why Republicans aren’t fleeing from the President over the impeachment hearings (he stands at 90% approval among his party in the latest Gallup poll). But there won’t be massive convulsions in public opinion because everyone has known for three years what was going to happen.

This is a one-sided, partisan impeachment. It’s the exact kind of thing Congressman Jerry Nadler, now chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, warned Republicans about in 1998, during Bill Clinton’s impeachment. …

So here we are, headed for a rushed, hyper-partisan (and futile) exercise put on by the very elites Trump railed against to get himself elected in the first place. But for all the relief they might feel in finally striking this blow against Donald Trump, I wonder: have these Trump opponents even considered what this impeachment signals to the American people? …

That impeachment — once reserved for the gravest of situations — is now just another tool to inflict damage on their political opponents.

Job discrimination: 1 in 5 won’t hire Trump supporters

Job discrimination: 1 in 5 won’t hire Trump supporters. By Paul Bedard.

It’s not legal in most cases, and certainly not right, but 1 in 5 left-leaning bosses “will not hire” supporters of President Trump, and huge majorities of hiring managers want to know the positions job candidates have on highly controversial issues including race and immigration, according to a sweeping new survey.

What’s more, job seekers reluctant to cough up their views and positions in interviews can’t hide them because nearly all employers sift through social media posts, mostly Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, of those they are considering for jobs.

Leftists only hiring leftists is what won the left control of the media, academia, and the bureaucracy — the great march through the institutions. If the left now apply their discriminatory practice in the corporate world and private business too, what happens to non-left people? Guess we need our own economy … along with our own internet, own government, own countries. Hmmm.

UK Election Reset: Tories Still Favourites

UK Election Reset: Tories Still Favourites, by Evan Scrimshaw.

The LeanTossup model currently projects a Tory majority of 96 seats – 373 total Tory seats – and a Tory majority 80.8% of the time.

Media fantasy-land:

Now, even if one were to accept those numbers were high — for which the only basis would be wishcasting from denialist Remainiacs — the data is a complete and utter destruction of the narrative that this election is close. …

Many people on the Remain and/or liberal axis of politics cannot fathom their support levels. To those kinds of people, Boris Johnson is a Trumpian figure – an unserious grifter whose unseriousness should be so obvious it should be immediately apparent he cannot win. …

The media conception of who the swing voter in the UK is much the same as in the US — the fiscally conservative, socially liberal suburbanites who like tax cuts, “responsible” spending decisions, and who would feel perfectly comfortable living in any major US or European city. The media conception of this as the swing makes sense — these voters are in most metro areas, and if one spends enough time in well off circles, with professionals — lawyers, doctors, accountants, bankers, et all — it’s a viewpoint one would see quite frequently. Consequently, this is the swing voter the media thinks of – as New York, DC, or London media would frequently encounter that view in their work — either in their private lives after hours or in the seemingly endless amounts of charity dinners, functions, and galas that occur.

Uh oh reality:

The problem is, that isn’t the swing voter anymore, at least not the one that swings UK elections. Labour could do even better with that voter and still lose this election worse than any since the Second World War.

The new swing voter in the UK is the reason the Tories are on track for a large majority government. The new swing voter is the fiscally liberal, socially conservative voter who wants more money spent on northern towns and health care in regional areas and less money spent on “elites”, which routinely means whoever that voter isn’t a fan of.

They’re wary of immigrants, mad at the Blair-era broken promise of only 13000/year net immigration from the 2004 EU Accession states – 250000/year would come in the decade after – and is annoyed by social issues that grip the modern left. This class of voter was staunchly Labour for decades, especially in the aftermath of Margaret Thatcher’s term in office. These voters were tempted by Theresa May last time, but went home to Labour because Corbyn did enough to reassure that Brexit would happen.

With Labour policy now being a second referendum with an option to Remain — and every senior Labour politician outside Corbyn saying no possible deal is better than staying in — their likelihood of repeating their 2017 trick [of doing well in the election] is somewhere between small and non-existent.

Election on Thursday December 12.

If you follow the PC media in Australia, such as by watching the ABC News, have you noticed how little coverage the UK election has been getting? Almost none. If Labor was ahead in the polls, there’d be a UK election story every night.

Live by the lie, die by the lie.

Live by the lie, die by the lie. By Daniel Greenfield.

After the media went all out to televise the impeachment committee hearings, a majority of independent voters switched from supporting impeachment to opposing impeachment. …

The paradox of impeachment is that the media’s con artists invented it, but stories alone, the commanding heights of communications, can’t actually close the deal. Like every con job, at some point the mark actually wants to see the million dollars that Nigerian prince is offering, the brand-new Tesla for only five grand, and the papers for the Brooklyn Bridge. Individual marks can be strung along indefinitely, but there are limits to how much an entire nation can be conned. Even by the media. …

The media has excelled at creating investigation narratives. Its take on the Russia investigation or the Ukraine investigation convinced a lot of people that President Trump really was guilty. But you can’t impeach someone in the media. Nor can you actually try them on MSNBC. And that’s the problem. …

If the Democrats want to blame anyone, they can blame the media. It was the media that pushed them to impeach Trump. That happened over the protests of Speaker Pelosi and warnings from Democrat strategists. But the media needed the clicks, the eyeballs, and the money. And it promised the Dems that it could carry impeachment forward no matter how weak the case might be. …

There are important lessons here for Republicans and Democrats about the limits of media power. The ability of a single radical political faction to control the national debate has critically damaged the country. But, at the same time, narrative power isn’t the same thing as actual political power. …

The lesson of the last three years in the US:

The media is the strongest asset of the Left. And it’s also its greatest weakness. Not just because the media’s business model is imploding, its credibility is tanking, and it’s transitioning to a charity. The Left believes that narrative is superior to reality. If you believe something, you can do it. A compelling story is all you need to bring change. Facts don’t matter when emotions are played on by propagandists.

Narratives are effective. But the Left always overestimates the power and price of ruling by narrative.

The people most vulnerable to narratives love stories. Con artists start out by fooling themselves. Then they fool their victims. Liars lie to themselves. The media constantly lies to itself. As does the Left. …

Liars lose touch with reality. The cost of the con is no longer knowing what’s true. Democrats were sucked into an alternate reality in which Trump is a Russian agent and was on the verge of being overthrown by a secret deep state operation. When they actually tried to make these laughable fantasies real, the collision with reality unraveled both the plans and the lies, leaving a disaster area. …

Requiem for the modern left:

The media inhabits a compelling fantasy world. It is able to occasionally realize this fantasy by imposing it on enough gullible people. But convincing a lot of people to live in your fantasy world isn’t a strength. It’s a weakness. The temporary power gained in the moment is more than offset by the disasters that follow. Just look at any Communist country, its fantasy economics, and the disastrous outcome.

Democrats rule through media power and Republicans envy that power. But the power to lie to people is also a curse that entraps the liar. Believing lies makes you dumb. And dumb people do dumb things.

This guy really gets it.

Activism and emotion pale beside science and reason

Activism and emotion pale beside science and reason, by Greg Sheridan.

Here’s the punch line — political culture in the West has become so crazy that in the pursuit of love and justice people increasingly practise hate and violence. …

No, it’s a squabble over power and money. They just say it’s about love and justice.

This is a deep crisis in Western political culture and Australia is experiencing it fully. Let me offer some examples. Conservative senator Cory Bernardi retired from the Senate this week and warmly thanked the Australian Federal Police for their help over the years. Bernardi is not an extremist. He also does not claim any victim status. But it turns out people have come to his home making threats, his wife has been subject to vicious texting abuse, people have threatened savage violence against him and the schools his kids attended. This sort of thing goes on across the board ideologically.

Cory Bernadi

Targeted for violence by the left

The three causes that excited the most abuse for Bernardi were his opposition to same-sex marriage, his opposition to strong ­action on climate change and his criticisms of Islamism, although the latter was by far the least of it. …

The left’s contempt for others is ruining democracy:

The movement most likely to produce extremism in our politics is green activism. We have seen in the Occupy Wall Street, farm ­invasion and Extinction Rebellion demonstrations a contempt for normal politics, a determination to take direct action and a settled conviction that mere democratic election confers no legitimacy on a government. And the accompanying conviction that anyone who opposes these movements justifies extreme rhetorical, and sometimes physical, attack. …

Ideology and emotion are everywhere destroying good policy options. …

[John Anderson, former deputy prime minister] draws deeper cultural lessons: “Our young people have been trained to rely on their emotions rather than facts.”

Modern education and culture, he thinks, tell young people that the world is divided between completely good people and completely bad people, and “climate change hysteria could be the tipping point for Western societies”.

How we got to this point is a huge intellectual debate. Many writers see the loss of religion, the loss of unifying transcendent ­belief, as key.

Os Guinness in Last Shout for Liberty argues the West is still ­adjudicating the conflict between the American Revolution, which was a conservative movement to allow citizens to pursue lives of virtue and tradition with minimum interference from the state, and the French Revolution, which empowered the state to do anything.

The left is currently dominated by unhappy people. They hate themselves, and project that hate wildly. Individuals whose subconscious is offended and angry at their sins and what their conscious mind has done are unhappy people. They are at war with themselves, and nothing in the external world can placate their inner turmoil. No matter where they go, they are still there.

Religion used to be the cure for this, with the strong message of forgiveness of sins. Religion grew as a way of mediating our modern conscious brains suitable for crowded human societies, with our mammal brains, with our reptile brains, and with all the other bits and pieces in our evolutionary past. But the left mainly discarded religion. Sigh.

Hate, hate, hate …. it’s all about projection.

“Compensating” developing countries for bad weather: $400 billion per year?

“Compensating” developing countries for bad weather: $400 billion per year? By David Wojick.

The climate change hysteria movement is expecting bold action at the COP 25 climate summit now on in Madrid. That is not how these protracted international negotiations work. One wonders what the hysterical reaction to inaction will be?

The hysterics want emissions to end by 2030 (which is impossible). The COP nations are dickering over maybe setting a goal of net zero emissions (which still allows emissions) by 2050. …

The developing countries want to see some evidence that the promised $100 billion a year in bribes from the developed countries will actually begin next year (it will not). The promises for emission reduction by the developing countries are predicated on that big money coming. …

Then there is the lumbering giant slowly approaching the Madrid table, the giant whose stage name is Loss and Damage. The giant’s real name is Compensation. This is the idea that the developed countries should compensate the developing ones for all the future damages due to human caused climate change. In practice this probably means pretty much all bad weather, all sea level rise, etc. The official estimate here is $400 billion a year but that could easily grow. I am not making this up.

It’s all about the money, because actual climate change is so slow and minor as to be invisible. But bad weather? Witch doctors have been exploiting this one for millennia.

The hidden male victims of domestic violence

The hidden male victims of domestic violence, by Augusto Zimmerman.

Take the example of John, whose wife constantly attacked him in the middle of the night when he was sleeping — punching him in the head and face. ‘I couldn’t do anything other than try and hold her off. It was very difficult, you are judged by people like the police as if you were the one who was causing everything’, he said.

Or consider Richard, the father of two who for 15 years was regularly beaten, isolated from his friends, and prevented from even owning a mobile phone. ‘You hear a lot about women needing help from violent male partners, but men also need help from violent women’, he said.

Jim, who has just turned 81, was forced to endure 60 years of controlling behaviour and physical abuse by his wife. He says: ‘It was progressive over the years. I couldn’t meet friends, I couldn’t meet family. The year before I left, it had deteriorated. I was getting black eyes, I was getting bruising, I got my tooth knocked out, I had my knee hammered and incidents like that’. …

Always blame the male, says the government and media:

Male victims often report that their complaints about their female partners’ violent behaviour have not being taken seriously by such social services which apparently believe that a man can never be a victim of domestic violence. Some have even been put at risk of further violence by such services contacting the abusing female partner and letting her know the man has sought help. There is even a sexist assumption that the male victim of violence may actually be the primary perpetrator.

To test the availability of such support services to male victims in Australia, a Melbourne-based psychiatrist rang the Victorian ‘Men’s Referral Service’. This is how he reported his experience: ‘I rang them one, two occasions in relation to male victims. Both times I was told that if I had dug deeper I would have discovered that the men were the perpetrators.’ This shows that these service providers are embracing the anti-male agenda of radical feminists. …

The NSW Liberal government has appointed a notorious feminist organisation to “assist” male victims of domestic violence. The organisation’s website informs: ‘The Men’s Referral Service provides free, anonymous, and confidential telephone counselling, information, and referrals to men to assist them to take action to stop using violent and controlling behaviour’. …

In other words, if you are a male victim don’t ask for help.

The statistics say about a quarter to a third of domestic violence is by women, and lesbian relationships have the highest rate of domestic violence.

For those who still believe that women can never be the sole perpetrators of domestic violence, I would recommend an excellent book by Paul Kidd. It’s called ‘Australia’s Most Evil Women’.?According to this book, Australia has a higher percentage of female serial killers than anywhere in the world. ‘Of the thirty-two recognised cases of serial murder in modern times in Australia, nine of the killers were women — or around 33 per cent — with only two of those cases in tandem with a male’, the author says.

As Kidd points out, ‘women murder for a variety of reasons — the most common being the [alleged] slaying of a husband after years of abuse’. But he reminds us that only a small number of cases of murder would fit this particular category. These crimes were committed by women against their children and male partners that, according to the author, ‘could only be classified as pure evil, as no other reason has been found for why they did it’.

After all, Kidd asks rhetorically: ‘Who smothers four of her little children to death over a ten-year period and blames cot death? Who stabs her husband to death after sex and then skins his corpse, hangs the pelt in the doorway, then cooks his head in a pot and bakes his buttocks in the oven for the kids’ dinner?’

He must have deserved it, right? Just going with the propaganda… What’s truth got to do with it?

In truth, women can be as violent as men and numerous studies have demonstrated that both genders may commit violent acts in the home in roughly equal numbers has been clearly established in so many studies that it requires no reiteration. …

At least one-third of all the reported cases of domestic violence in Australia involve male victims. And countless more are silently suffering at the hands of their violent female partners.

Tesla Owners Wait In Half-Mile-Long Line To Charge Their Cars On Black Friday

Tesla Owners Wait In Half-Mile-Long Line To Charge Their Cars On Black Friday. By Tyler Durden. Last week in California, at Thanksgiving:

The Kettleman City Supercharger station [half way between LA and San Francisco], which boasts 40 charging stalls, was “overrun” on Black Friday, according to video and photos posted by the Daily Mail. …

Shanon Stellini was traveling through the area on November 30 and found a backlog of “around 50” Teslas waiting to charge at the station which is off Interstate 5. … One person Tweeted that they had been waiting on line for 40 minutes and was only “halfway” to the charger.

Ouch. That’s got to hurt average speed.

The scene has become more common at Superchargers around the U.S. as the cash-strapped company, which feels like it is in a perpetual state of slashing its capex, fails to keep up its infrastructure to handle the number of cars they have been selling. …

There are now around 400,000 Teslas on the roads of the U.S. and the company’s commitment to hoarding its cash by any means necessary, including not paying bills and not investing in its Supercharger network, could finally be coming back to bite its owners in pronounced fashion.

Joanne Nova:

This could’ve been Australia, if Bill Shorten had won two more seats.

Looks like Tesla owners need a back-up “baseload” type car in the garage all year to be able to enjoy those special days. There go those fuel savings.

Though they could just fly. There go those fuel savings and those emissions…

Are Facts White Nationalist?

Are Facts White Nationalist? By Ann Coulter.

A recent study by Georgetown University… funded by the Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation… found that if colleges admitted students based solely on SAT scores, every single ethnic group would decline, except one: whites.

Yes, even fewer Asian students would be admitted on an SAT-only admission standard. …

Obviously, this was NOT the purpose of the study. I’m pretty sure it was supposed to ferret out some small pocket of racism that had somehow passed undenounced. But when the only race being discriminated against turned out to be whites, the study was locked in a lead casket and dropped to the bottom of the sea.

This isn’t a new phenomenon: The New York Times was writing about it 30 years ago. In the late 1980s, whites were about 62 percent of California’s high school graduates, but constituted only 45 percent of those admitted to its universities. As a university official told the Times, “Whites are the only group underrepresented.”

Today, the Times would be tracking down that official to make sure he was fired.

The lie of “white privilege” is treated as an implacable fact throughout our cultural institutions, no matter how manifestly absurd it is. …

Systematic racism:

With the same grades and scores, Puerto Ricans were 5.3 times more likely to be admitted to a top-tier law school like Yale than a white applicant. Every ethnic group except whites got a boost — African Americans, Asians, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans and “Other Hispanic.” The more prestigious the law school, the stronger the preferences.

To every color in the rainbow coalition: YOU’RE NOT BLACK! Affirmative action is supposed to be for the descendants of American slaves. See? We owe them something. Nobody else. Without the legacy of slavery, affirmative action is just institutionalized anti-white racism.

By now, race discrimination against whites is de rigueur. Forget being embarrassed, this is race discrimination with attitude. And it’s all justified by the nonsensical phrase: “white privilege.”

We Are All George Zimmerman Now

We Are All George Zimmerman Now, by George Zimmerman.

Most people know my name, George Zimmerman, largely due to negative stereotypes propagated by the media as a result of the 2012 incident in Sanford, Florida, in which Trayvon Martin died.

Unfortunately, most people don’t recall the fact that I was exonerated of any wrongdoing after a thorough investigation by the Sanford Police Department in March 2012. They had interviewed dozens of witnesses, analyzed 911 calls, and examined the physical evidence of my broken nose, the lacerations on the back of my head, as well as the bruised knuckles of my assailant.

This was all backed up by eyewitness Johnathan Good who told police that he saw me screaming for help while blows were coming down on me “MMA style.” …

At the conclusion of the police investigation, Sanford Chief of Police Bill Lee announced that my actions were taken in self-defense and there were no grounds for my arrest. It was not even a “stand your ground” case.

George Zimmerman after the incident

But then severe consequences followed as the left lied and used this case for political purposes:

What followed immediately was a campaign of race-based defamation and incitement against me, led by Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump. …

The damage the trial did to me and my family has been devastating. I suffered from PTSD and, as a result, acted out for a few years before finally returning to the person I was. I was kicked out of college due to threats against the staff by the New Black Panthers. I lost my career path to become an attorney, and to this day I cannot work or even circulate in public. In 2015, someone tried to kill me. The bullet missed my head by inches, and the shooter got 20 years in prison. Today I remain in hiding, as does my family due to constant threats, which appear almost daily in rap songs and social media rants. …

Since the trial, I have watched in horror as those who incited against me have divided America along racial lines. Black Lives Matter started as a result of my acquittal. BLM took its vigilante act to Ferguson, and the resulting “Ferguson Effect” led to a sharp rise in homicides in black neighborhoods. Even today, Benjamin Crump continues his false race narrative (and defames me) in his new book entitled, Open Season: Legalized Genocide of Colored People. …

This might get interesting:

I am suing Rachel Jeantel, Brittany “Diamond” Eugene, Sybrina Fulton, Tracy Martin, Benjamin Crump, prosecutors Angela Corey, Bernie de la Rionda, John Guy, the state of Florida, the FDLE, and HarperCollins Publishing for in excess of $100 million.

Racheal Jeantel lied under oath to deprive me of my constitutional rights and send me to prison for life. The others either suborned perjury or lied under oath to hide their knowledge of the switch of the legitimate phone witness, Diamond Eugene, for Rachel Jeantel, whom they knew was an imposter. …

This lawsuit is for Officer Darren Wilson of Ferguson, whom even Eric Holder had to admit was falsely accused of shooting a man who allegedly put his hands up. This lawsuit is for the police officers in Baltimore, both black and white, who were falsely accused of harming Freddy Gray in order to justify mob violence. This lawsuit is for Brett Kavanaugh and any future Supreme Court nominees falsely accused of crimes they did not commit to prevent their nominations.

More than anything else, this lawsuit is for the America I grew up in and still believe in, an America of equal justice for all, where race hoaxes and fake witnesses have no place, an America where the content of one’s character, not race, is the basis for one’s judgement of another.

Breath-taking leftist fraud.

Trayvon Martin as the left wanted him remembered — a harmless looking 12 year old, who Obama thought could look like his son. This photo is all over the web:

By the time of the incident, five years later, he was 17 years old and 6 foot two. There are only a few photos on the web of 17 year old Trayvon.

A Deplorable Strategy Beyond 2020

A Deplorable Strategy Beyond 2020, by Angelo Codevilla.

From President Obama on down, the political, educational, media, and corporate establishment had long since taken for granted that placing the opinions, interests, tastes, and the rights of the rest of America on the same plane as their own amounts to “false equality.” They had come to regard us as lower beings. No matter whether they attributed our purported inferiority to our alleged racism, sexism, etc., or just plain stupidity, they negated the possibility of common citizenship with us. The moment that Hillary Clinton’s reference to those disinclined to vote for her as “deplorables” and “irredeemables” made this unmistakable, Donald Trump’s victory became possible.

The people who voted for Trump, many despite reservations about him, did so seeking a shield against insult and injury from above. …

Ordinary Americans in voting for Trump got a loud voice on their behalf, but no shield. Between 2016 and 2020, we have been pressed as never before to bow to the ruling class’s ever-escalating demands for conformity to its whims — such as to pretend that we join them in accepting that men can be women, and women can be men, on pain of dire social and economic consequences.

Not even the monsters depicted in Darkness At Noon, in Nineteen Eighty-Four or in Animal Farm, never mind Stalin’s Soviet Union or Mao’s China, or Hitler’s Germany, ever demanded such subrational submission. …

Since 2016, the ruling class has left no doubt that it is not merely enacting chosen policies: It is expressing its identity, an identity that has grown and solidified over more than a half century, and that it is not capable of changing.

That really does mean that restoring anything like the Founders’ United States of America is out of the question. Constitutional conservatism on behalf of a country a large part of which is absorbed in revolutionary identity; that rejects the dictionary definition of words; that rejects common citizenship, is impossible. Not even winning a bloody civil war against the ruling class could accomplish such a thing. …

That means some kind of separation.

The globalist ruling class is increasingly incompetent, untrustworthy, nasty, and selfish. They are wrecking the West.

hat-tip Charles

Harvard Bookstore: Fully Woke Leaders of Tomorrow

Harvard Bookstore: Fully Woke Leaders of Tomorrow. A friend writes:

I went to the famous Harvard bookstore today. Depressing to see the most prominent shelves occupied by best-sellers in each section: all books on identity politics, intersectional feminists of colour, lgbt+ stuff, hagiographies of St Greta, St Warren, St Ginzburg, celebration of Islamic culture and every other culture except our own, climate catastrophism, Marxist treaties on economics, black lives matter, veganism to save the world, etc.

Hard to tell whether it’s the chicken or the egg: Harvard university placing those books in more prominent positions because they are the most sought-after by the students, or in order to push the students to buy them.

‘Sorry’ rugby chiefs pay Israel Folau millions

‘Sorry’ rugby chiefs pay Israel Folau millions, by Remy Varga.

The banished Wallaby superstar, with wife Maria by his side, spoke of his happiness on Wednesday at reaching a confidential settlement with Rugby Australia, ending a $14m legal battle that has embarrassed the sporting body.

The Australian understands Rugby Australia has agreed to compensate Folau several million dollars under the terms of the settlement. ..

The code sacked the deeply ­religious Wallaby for making ­social media posts that said homosexuals, adulterers, fornicators and drunkards were going to hell.

Janet Albechtsen:

A team of the sassiest spin doctors can’t help Rugby Australia. They lost on Wednesday. Big time. …

Put it this way. Earlier this year, Israel Folau, who was sacked by RA for posting on social media his religious beliefs, said: “First and foremost I am hoping for an apology from RA and an acknowledgment that even if they disagree with my views, I should be free to peacefully express my religious beliefs without fear of retribution or exclusion.”

Folau’s solicitor, George Haros, said an apology would “come a long way to resolving the dispute”.

That was in August. Castle responded by saying RA would not apologise to Folau.

Winners are grinners

On Wednesday afternoon, following marathon mediation negotiations, RA wholeheartedly apologised to Folau. In fact, the humiliating settlement overseen by Castle saw RA “acknowledge and apologise for any hurt or harm caused” to both Israel and his wife, Maria. It reads like a mea culpa from RA for being part of the pile-on that Maria endured when she publicly supported her husband during this battle. …

Though Wednesday’s confidential settlement is a terrific win for Folau, some bigger questions remain unanswered in strict legal terms. A legal determination is still needed so that workers in this country know if they can be terminated, more or less at will, for expressing their religious beliefs under vaguely drafted, and subjectively interpreted, codes of conduct.