Clive James: The Left Lied by Omission, then Smeared Him

Clive James: The Left Lied by Omission, then Smeared Him. By David Evans.

Clive James, an Australian critic, broadcaster and writer who lived  in the UK from 1961, recently died at age 80. He was lionized by the PC media here as brilliant, with lots of publicity for his obituaries. But, as Joanne Nova points out:

Clive James was all these things

  • Incredibly funny
  • hysterically funny
  • Brilliant, we all know
  • So skilled, and like a juggler with words
  • Disciplined,
  • Incredibly hard working
  • and really loyal.

–quote, Jennifer Byrne, ABC, 7:30 Report 22:10

But he was also very much, unmistakably, an outspoken [climate] skeptic. Something the ABC couldn’t bring itself to say. What was Clive James’s position on the most expensive national policy gambit in a hundred years?

The ABC lies by omission. If he wrote a glowing Chapter about Greta in his final years we know the ABC would have told the world.

Bless you Clive: Brilliant, funny, disciplined and a climate skeptic.

The longest and most significant climate skeptical piece Clive wrote was a chapter in the book Climate Change the Facts 2017:

Then, in the comments on Joanne’s post quoted above, someone smeared Clive:

There is lots about scepticism, but no thing to say the Clive himself was sceptical about Climate Change. It should be remembered that he was primarily a wordsmith, and would write about anything for money.

The editor of the above book, Jennifer Marohasy, contacted Joanne to point out that:

  • Clive did not receive any money for his piece in that book.
  • It was over 5,000 words and took months of refining and working with her to produce. She and Clive exchanged 161 emails.

So, Clive did it for the love of it and truly was a climate skeptic. Something the PC mob don’t want you to know.

And the PC commenter just totally made it up in his comment. The slur that he just did it for the money is what they would like to be true, so they just advanced it into the conversation as if it was true.

We are still a high trust society, and assume the truth of what people say. But the PC mob just break that trust when it suits.

PC people will say anything to advance their ideology. It’s as if they have granted themselves license to not bother with facts when advancing their political causes. “Truth is subjective” is their way of warning you they lie. Ideology uber alles.