Study Shows Russian Trolls Never Actually Influenced Anyone

Study Shows Russian Trolls Never Actually Influenced Anyone, by Daniel Greenfield.

This mess began with Dems insisting that Russian trolling campaigns won President Trump the election. In reality, much of the trolling was…

1. Concentrated after the election

2. Targeted African-Americans

3. Contained both pro and anti Trump messages

That makes perfect sense if you understand what the Russians were doing which was trying to slip their own messages into the ideological and tribal echo chambers that already existed. Not influencing the outcome of elections in the United States.

And thus a Duke survey finds that the Russians didn’t change anybody’s mind. …

Nor were the Russians trying to alter their views. Instead, they served up left-wing clickbait to people on the Left and right-wing clickbait to people on the Right. What they would have wanted to do is reshape attitudes toward, say, Syria.