Trump: Winning Battles, but Losing the War

Trump: Winning Battles, but Losing the War. By David Cole.

Regarding immigration, what structurally has changed under Trump? We don’t have a wall…we don’t even have any new wall being constructed. Chain migration? Still chuggin’ along. Birthright citizenship? Unchallenged. Amnesty laws? Still lettin’ ’em in.

It’s often said that leftists can’t meme. Guess what: They don’t have to. The current course of events favors them. In terms of numbers pouring into the country and birth rates exploding within, all the left needs to do is nothing, because they’ve already set the wheels in motion. Leftists cried and wailed that night in November 2016 because they thought Trump was going to build a dam to stop the raging river they’d loosed.

Where’s the dam? …

The Democrats, the media, and the cheap-labor GOPs are unmovable in their opposition.

Trust was elected on an anti-immigrant stance, particularly immigration from low-trust countries. He has made some decent attempts to enact his promises, so credit for trying. But he has been successfully opposed at every step of the way and nothing much has happened. Seems like mere elections cannot change things if the deep state disapproves.