The Civil War On Conservative Inc in the US

The Civil War On Conservative Inc in the US. By Dieuwe de Boer.

The America First Conservatives have three main grievances with Conservatism Inc:

  1. Immigration — securing the border and freezing immigration to stop the drastic demographic shifts negatively affect conservatism.
  2. Degeneracy — outspoken social-conservatism that opposes the promotion of homosexuality as normative, leading to drag queens and now the castration of children via hormone blockers.
  3. Foreign policy — opposition to dual-loyalty, specifically with regards to the Israel Lobby, and endless wars in the Middle East and Africa. …

You have these mainstream conservatives, now rightly called “gatekeepers”, who will happily hang out with transvestites and abortion holocaust supporters, and then refuse to sit down for a talk with another conservative because he said mean things about them and believes that the demographic change of mass-migration is going to go badly for conservatives. They’ll take the corporate money of those who rely on cheap migrant labour and then slander those who threaten their power base.

“Demographics don’t matter,” they scream as they lose elections due to the same demographic changes they claim don’t matter. Most of them were Never Trumpers and now they’re half-heartedly engaging with the issues that got Trump elected so they don’t lose their audiences. …

What’s the point in giving endless speeches about how socialism sucks when you import a million socialists into your country every year? …

The likes of Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, and my personal favourite Mark Steyn, have been talking tough issues for decades, issues that the “respectable” conservatives won’t touch. Steyn often says that if respectable politicians consider the issues beneath them, then the people will turn to unrespectable politicians like Trump and Le Pen.

If the respectable conservatives won’t talk about the issues that affect the people, then the people will turn to unrespectable conservatives, like Fuentes.