Stop telling men they’re defective women

Stop telling men they’re defective women, by Suzanne Vencker.

Read carefully, and you’ll notice that almost every article on the struggles couples face with respect to the work-family battle blames men. The cultural narrative is that women do it all, while the men in their lives are Neanderthals who need to get with the program.

The saddest part of this bogus message, aside from the obvious damage it creates, is that it’s so far from the truth it’s ridiculous. …

One reason for the relentless male-bashing is that women have been taught to believe the sexes are the same and, as a result, assume that when men don’t behave the way women do, men are somehow failing. …

Men and women do not parent the same way because they’re not interchangeable beings. …

Bottom line:

Men are not defective women. But that’s what the culture teaches through films, television (even commercials!), and articles. Sadly, this belief system has seeped into women’s souls, causing them to believe men are weak or lazy when they don’t do things the way women do them or when they don’t react the way women react.

Women who harbor this mindset will never be successful in love. Only women who understand the unique nature of men, who don’t blame men whenever something goes wrong, who harbor compassion rather than resentment toward men, and who are able to bring out the best in men will ultimately win at love.

The rest get frustrated and write articles about it.

Speaking of men being defective women, some light comedy from South Park:

hat-tip Mark Ellis