Social justice warriors take a sledgehammer to the truth

Social justice warriors take a sledgehammer to the truth, by Janet Albrechtsen.

Example 1:

Earlier this year, a Year 10 girl accused her teacher of sexism because he gave her detention after she refused to behave in class. Some boys had mucked up too and when told to pay attention they did. The teacher told the girl to test her assertion this way: if she behaved and he still reprimanded her, then yes, some kind of injustice was being done to her.

It is not hard to understand why the girl, barely a few years off becom­ing an adult, would make accusa­tions of sexism rather than accept responsibility for her actions. …

Example 2:

Her antics were repeated by a grown-up, a member of American band Black Eyed Peas no less, on board a Qantas plane last Saturday. The behaviour of rapper during a Qantas flight from Brisbane to Sydney is not a random tantrum by a spoilt celebrity. If only. …

The behaviour of is serious because it carries all the common traits among a growing cohort in our modern age: a deep-seated sense of entitlement, that the rules do not apply to him; claiming to be a victim to extricate oneself from shoddy behaviour rather than taking personal responsibility; using powerful words as weapons to wreck a person’s reputation, in a way that will ultimately rip meaning from words; and shaming anyone who dares question any of the above.

Wearing sound-cancelling earphones during his Qantas flight, the singer ignored instructions to stow his laptop for landing. Maybe he didn’t hear, and then the right reaction would be to apologise, and to stow the laptop just as other passengers are required to do. The rule exists to stop items, especially laptops, from becoming dangerous projectiles during bumpy landings.

Instead he lashed out at the flight attendant, tweeting: “I don’t want to believe she racist. But she has clearly aimed all her frustrations only at the people of colour.” …

But the injustice happened at the hands of the rapper when he named and shamed a flight attendant, defaming her as a racist to his 12-million-plus Twitter followers. …

The rapper told one newspaper: “Hopefully this is a lesson. She shouldn’t lose her job over it — if anything she should be retrained on how to deal with people. This is an opportunity to be pleasant to everyone.”

Commentary and politics:

This has been one heck of lesson — about how a social justice movement is now riddled with injustice. When pretended to be a victim, he inevitably mocked genuine victims. When he accused a flight attendant of racism, he neutered the power of words to describe real racism. When he named and shamed the flight attendant, he blew the whistle on intimidation done in the misplaced name of social justice.

The communists had the hammer and sickle to symbolise proletarian solidarity among farmers and construction workers. The social justice warriors should have a sledgehammer resting next to a witch’s cauldron to symbolise the bullies using noxious social media cauldrons to distort words, language and truth to assert power over the masses.

Each step taken by during and after that Qantas flight is standard operating practice in a morally ambiguous social justice movement that has an armoury of truth-distorting weapons. Politicians such as Greens leader Richard Di Natale describe views he disagrees with as “hate speech”, a strong accusation aimed at censoring and shaming people. Labor’s Penny Wong also wields “hate speech” a little too freely and loosely, describing it as “inimical to democracy”. It is one thing to call out genuine hate speech, using sunlight as a disinfectant. That is the essence of a liberal democracy. The antithesis of freedom is to endorse laws that can be used subjectively to stifle debate. …

Using a growing arsenal of tactics, in a few short decades SJWs have built an oppressive “cancel” culture that aims to silence and shame dissenters, and other refuseniks. While it should be heartening to see people such as former US president Barack Obama calling out cancel culture, it is about as convincing as the Australian Labor Party declaring it got too caught up confecting a class war at the last election. Where have you been? This is not rocket science. Is there conviction behind their new-found clarity?

Read it all. The harm done to society by these social-climbing clowns is immense, and the left are trying to ride this tiger to power and perks.