What the Media Don’t Want You to Know About Gordon Sondland’s “Bombshell” Testimony

What the Media Don’t Want You to Know About Gordon Sondland’s “Bombshell” Testimony, by John Nolte.

The fake news media are still trying to pretend Gordon Sondland’s train-wreck impeachment testimony Wednesday spells doom for President Trump.

Gordon Sondland, President Trump’s choice as U.S. ambassador to the European Union

It doesn’t. Quite the opposite. In fact, yesterday was a disaster for the media and Democrats, the worst day so far for an impeachment inquiry that is quickly exhausting the patience of the American people.

All the media got out of our ambassador to the European Union Wednesday was the soundbite they so desperately desired, a soundbite where a witness (who, like all the other impeachment “witnesses,” has witnessed nothing) said, “There was quid pro quo.”

Unfortunately for our media coup plotters, a soundbite is not evidence. But that won’t stop the lying media from playing that soundbite over and over and over again as though it is evidence.

No evidence, only Sondland’s presumption of a quid pro quo:

After using his swaggering opening statement to pretend he had the goods on Trump and the entire administration — which suckered the fake media into slobbering all over themselves with “game over” and “new John Dean” tweets — we learned that he has no evidence whatsoever and that his “bombshell” soundbite is based only on a — get this — “presumption.”

“Nobody else on this planet told you that Donald Trump was tying this aid to the investigation,” asked a Republican questioner. “You really have no evidence.”

“Other than my own presumption,” Sondland admitted, as the air seemed to leak out of him.

And then came this bombshell…

“That was the problem,” Sondland confessed. “No one told me directly that the aid was tied to anything. I was presuming it was.” …

Sondland omitted a phone call with Trump from his opening statement, but later under questioning we find:

President Trump never told me directly that the aid was conditioned on meetings,” Sondland admitted. “The aid was my own personal guess,” he added. …

Trump did tell Sondland one thing… Trump explicitly told Sondland he wanted “nothing” from Ukraine. “No quid pro quo.”

etc. etc.

The media simply lie by omission. Last night’s ABC News simply failed to mention that Sondland’s quid pro quo was only his “presumption,” or that Trump explicitly told Sondland in a telephone call there was no quid pro quo. The ABC just told us it was a bombshell, and thus Trump was guilty … of what exactly? Not specified.

I’m still waiting curiously to see if there is any substance to all this fuss. So far, it is just a big smear-a-thon.

As previously noted: In any case, any quid pro quo simply wasn’t effective. The Ukrainians got the aid, but they did not investigate the Bidens. Which rather implies that the suggestion of a quid pro quo either wasn’t made, or wasn’t understood, or was simply ignored with impunity.