Extra $14.5bn spent on Labor states’ bureaucracy splurge

Extra $14.5bn spent on Labor states’ bureaucracy splurge, by Adam Creighton.

Victoria and Queensland have supercharged their public sector workforces, hiring more than 100,000 new staff over the past five years at a cost to taxpayers of an extra $14.5bn a year in wages and salaries. …

That’s $145,000 per year per public servant.

Public sector wages growth has exceeded that of the private sector for more than six years, according to the latest ABS data.

The bureaucratic part of the economy is doing very well, thank you.

Remember, bureaucrats have escaped the discipline of the market. They are paid what they think they are worth, not what the market thinks they’re worth. Their wages comes from money taken by the threat of force (i.e. tax), not from money voluntarily exchanged for goods and services. There’s a moral difference.