PC and the Great Realignment in Australia

PC and the Great Realignment in Australia. By Paul Collits.

The new ruling class … occupy commanding heights in all the major parties in Australia and cognate jurisdictions. These are Anywheres who are globalists and who accept, indeed, champion, progressive pieties on sex, climate change, supranational governance, hyper tech-led innovation, philosophical relativism, mass migration, multiculturalism and the essential goodness of permanent social and cultural revolution. Think Hollywood, Silicon Valley, the mass media, academia….

The Somewheres are patriots who cherish virtue and tradition. Some even go to church more than twice a year. Some are white people. Some are — gasp again — men. In the US, they would be Trumpers who drove what Michael Anton has perceptively called the “Flight 93 election”, in the UK they would be “Leavers”. And to the Anywheres, they are deplorables — racists, white supremacists, xenophobes, homophobes, Islamophobes.

The Trump election and its equivalents elsewhere simply make a nonsense of the old ways of conceiving political divisions. Yet in Australia there is no natural home for Somewheres in either major party, each as it is now dominated by elitist, Anywhere thinking.

For models of the new political man, think no further than Malcolm Turnbull, Emmanuel Macron, Barack Obama or George Osborne. … They exude smugness from every pore.

The problem for the Somewheres is this thing called the Deep State, which actually runs our Western countries and has more power over us than elected politicians, and has well and truly captured the commanding heights of our elite institutions in education and the media. All of these groups form policy communities and networks and work together to keep the excluded, well, excluded.


[Witness] the post 1970s phenomenon of jobless males, which has deprived a generation of men of their dignity — the dignity that comes from fulfilling and valued work. It has caused utter chaos in families and devastated communities, and can be cited plausibly as a remote cause of such pathologies as drugs, pornography addiction, domestic violence, fatherlessness, split families, suicide and much more besides. … It is a lead indicator of “kinship implosion”. …

Perhaps the crisis is “invisible” because ageing white males are now seen (certainly by Anywheres) as poor trash, a legacy category, endemically mysogynist and an international embarrassment generally in our Age of Woke. Ageing white males simply do not rate on the victim leader board.


The dramatic move by women into the workforce has achieved many things — increased family stress, increased family costs, increasing traffic congestion in peak hour in the cities, giving grandparents unwanted second careers and causing many of them to move house (!), the ratcheting up of the cost of housing such that now a whole generation is excluded from the property ladder, jobless men, a false sense of female achievement, the birth of a new career (child-carer), the smearing of stay-at-home mothers and their appalling treatment by policymakers, searing political correctness in the workplace …

Of all people, presidential aspirant Elizabeth Warren once wrote a book called The Two Income Trap (in 2004, with her daughter). The data-driven book argued that having two incomes, far from guaranteeing household financial security — let alone wellbeing — very nearly guaranteed the loss of financial security. Yet every family believes that, in order to survive economically, they must be two-income. This lie has been a huge and disastrous turning point in our culture. …

Mass immigration, an economic Ponzi scheme:

Australia [is utterly reliant] for economic growth on mass immigration … including the floods of student-visa holders transitioning to permanent residence as well as visa overstayers by the bucketload and “normal” migrants. The essence of the scam is that more people arriving and driving demand for goods and services (especially construction) is the only thing now sustaining demand. And the increased population of instant taxpayers (for those who get jobs or who pay student fees) provides governments with the means to fund their ever-growing and increasingly zany spending schemes. But, like any Ponzi scam, it cannot go on forever.

Bullshit jobs:

These are the jobs that can variously be defined as jobs the world would be better off without, jobs that are not really needed, and jobs that the holders themselves firmly believe don’t contribute anything either to their own organisation or to the economy as a whole. Jobs that may be thought of as pointless or pernicious. …

Some bullshit jobs are blindingly obvious – my own list would include human resources employees and consultants, university administrators, vice-chancellors, lobbyists, hotel security folks who do absolutely nothing at most pubs which remain eminently peaceful, much of corporate middle management, diversity officers, diversity consultants, local council community development employees, academics who write unsuccessful grant applications, public relations people, most marketing people, Cricket Australia’s high performance unit, and so on. …

There is, indeed, a veritable “plague of pointless work”. (Full disclosure: I have done bullshit jobs — one for 12 years, no less. I used to spend much of my time writing ministerial letters to constituents and interest groups for political masters who pretended to be interested in economic development and rural decline, and in almost every case had not read either the letters they received nor the responses I drafted).

Perhaps there might be a concentration of bullshit jobs among the Anywheres. … Graeber is especially harsh on the so-called “FIRE” sector – finance, insurance and real estate.

There are few bullshit jobs on-farm, in small business, among startups, in rural towns. Those places from which real jobs have disappeared. Now you leave small places and go to cities, to be over-educated and unleashed upon the world of bullshit jobs.

What happened:

The non-bullshit jobs — involving people “making things” — were shipped offshore from the 1980s and especially the 1990s, and this accelerated dramatically after China’s admission to the World Trade Organisation in December 2001. …

The feminisation of the workforce may have caused a decline in male, breadwinning jobs. This is difficult to establish one way or the other. We know, though, that at least a whole chunk of bullshit jobs are either done by women or are the result of women having entered the work force. Of course, other things, like societal paranoia over child sex abuse, have led to the virtual forced removal of male workers from teaching and cognate professions.

The flatlining economy, flailing productivity, the growth of useless, non-performing jobs, the runaway immigration that only adds to both the welfare bill and social discontent, the massive add-on cost for households of running the two income family, the hideous congestion of cities all feeds into declines in well-being that are real, not imagined. A Ponzi economy, indeed.

A bullshit economy, you might say. None of these things is acknowledged by our political class, the Anywheres of the parliament and their comfortable Canberra bubble-dwelling Deep State colleagues. …

Do our political leaders talk about this? Nope. Do sufficient of them even understand it? Who knows? Do they get that the old left-right political categories are now irrelevant? I don’t see it.

An aside on George Pell:

I read recently that VicPol’s Operation Tethering, which went for over three long years, employed twenty detectives full time to “get Pell”. Now there are some bullshit jobs right there.