How social justice killed Star Wars

How social justice killed Star Wars, by Bill Whittle

Who knew that the Achilles heel of PC fantasies was that they are just too boring? Not real, so not credible enough to be entertaining.

Amazing. Check out the story Bill tells at 21:18. Found this:

Han Solo shoots first killing Greedo Original. This is the original scene where Han Solo shoots first and Greedo doesn’t even shoot…. because he’s dead. It was meant to be the ultimate badass entrance showing Hans true character, there is several shots of him pulling out the gun meaning he was meaning to do it and it was not self defense. In the remake how does Greedo even miss from directly in front of Han anyway. Also, in the remake Han’s head jerks very quickly and impossibly to the right. This is the original, the way it should have stayed.

via Australian Skeptic