Roger Stone, confidant of Trump and WikiLeaks connection, found guilty on all seven counts

Roger Stone, confidant of Trump and WikiLeaks connection, found guilty on all seven counts, by Dartunorro Clark.

Prosecutors portrayed Stone, 67, as a serial liar who tried to bully witnesses into not cooperating with authorities. They charged Stone, a confidant of President Donald Trump, with making false statements, obstruction and witness tampering in a case that was an offshoot of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. …

His sentencing was set for Feb. 6, and he faces up to 20 years in prison. The jury deliberated for two days.


In China, the system of selective enforcement is more advanced. There are so many laws, and you are bound to break at least some of them, several times each day. So if the authorities doesn’t like you, they decide to enforce the law. What complaint have you got? You are definitely guilty. So they get to “legally” imprison or fine you.

Of course the real power is with the bureaucrats who get to decide when to enforce the law. The rule of law is thus subverted and overturned, replaced by law at the whim of the bureaucrats. The old system has returned, where the leftist borg is the new king.

Currently in the USA, we can see that rule of law is breaking down because the law is not being applied evenly to all. Sure, Stone lied. But so did those others whom Trump mentions. Some, such as Clapper, lied to Congress for sure, we know now in retrospect. But they are on the PC side of politics, so they can do so with impunity.

Even Trump’s impeachment is an example of selective enforcement. Biden confessed — nay, boasted — of committing exactly the same crime as Trump is accused of (but probably didn’t commit, because the Ukrainians just ignored any implied quid pro quo). Nuh, member of the Obama administration, not charged.