How the ABC’s Get-Pell witchhunters raged at the High Court

How the ABC’s Get-Pell witchhunters raged at the High Court, by Andrew Bolt.

The ABC’s role in getting Cardinal George Pell falsely convicted of rape has been shameful. Several ABC journalists turned into prosecutors, even putting a whole program to air that raised devastating allegations so thin that they never made it to trial.

But the ABC was so locked into their witch-hunt – and into defending their leaders of it – that not one ABC presenter I know of dared to take a different line. …

This has nothing to do with real justice. It is tribal politics. …

I’m sure the High Court’s decision would surprise people who assumed Pell would and should be punished as a scapegoat. It would have been less surprising to those who still believe that justice means punishing people only for what they themselves have done, and not for what their tribe did. …

The left hates Christianity, trying to turn politics back to more like it was before Jesus:

I am convinced Pell is in part a victim of the new identity politics that is turning its back on Christian teaching and turning us back into barbarians.

Christianity stresses the dignity of each individual. It attacks tribal thinking and urges us to treat even strangers as we would have them treat us. This is the foundation belief of our justice system, much as the new anti-Christian bigots would wish to deny it.

But now the tyranny of identity politics is trying to smash all that. Identity politics insist we treat people not as individuals by as representatives of their tribe. And Christians are a tribe very hostile to all that the warriors of identity politics want.

For these identity politics tyrants, Pell is not to be treated as a man who may or may not have assaulted two boys after Mass in an open room that witnesses swore must have been busy at the time.

He is instead to be treated as one of the opposing tribe of Catholic priests, and to be jailed for the crimes ascribed to them.

His personal guilt is irrelevant. His tribe is presumed both guilty and hostile, which is why a Louise Milligan thinks it’s right to criticise the High Court judgement for bringing pain to victims of people other than Pell himself.

Steve Sailer, talking about the persecution of Stehen Miller, one of Trump’s top advisors:

The trajectory of the zeitgeist is away from thinking in terms of objective principles and instead toward thinking just about how we already know who are the Goodies and who are the Baddies, and the Baddies deserve to have their faces stamped on forever by the boot of the Goodies.