CHILE SELF DESTRUCTS – a morally and spiritually bankrupt society heads for civil war and a possible military takeover

CHILE SELF DESTRUCTS – a morally and spiritually bankrupt society heads for civil war and a possible military takeover. By Clive Maund. Various right, green, and other left groups have tried to interpret the unrest in Chile through their own lenses, with wildly different claims. Here are excerpts from a long time commenter on financial events who’s lived in Chile for 14 years.

I will start this expose of what is really going on in Chile by pointing out that as I have lived there for the last 14 years, I am well placed to talk about it. I am aware that the truths that I am going to set out here may upset more than a few people…

The reality of the situation in Chile, which has seemingly gone from the most developed and prosperous country in South America to just another failing banana republic is what will be addressed here.

Now we will summarize in an unordered list the main problems or realities in Chile that have erupted in the past few weeks in an orgy of violence and destruction…

  • The government in Chile is a front for the 5 or so wealthy families who run the country as a sort of personal fiefdom, as they have since the time of General Pinochet.
  • Inequality in the country is extreme, with not just the lower classes but also the middle classes being brutally and cynically exploited by the elites.
  • The genetics of the people are generally poor, with large numbers of them, especially in the north of the country, being descended from criminals and lowlifes who were brought over to work the nitrate and copper mines etc.
  • Because of the legacy of the Pinochet years, and the over-reaction to them, there is an undue emphasis on “derechos humanos” – human rights, which has resulted in a situation where the judiciary are far more concerned about the rights of criminals than their victims.
  • The judiciary of the country is infested by a high number of socialists and outright communists, and is extremely weak in dealing with miscreants, which has led to an explosion in crime that runs at epidemic levels. For example, burglaries run at between 5 and 10 times the level in the US.
  • In part because of the lack of support from the judiciary, Chile has what is probably the weakest police force in the world. During the recent riots they essentially abandoned the field to the mob, and retreated to their “safe spaces” – either their police stations or guarding the homes of the wealthy who have the most power over them. The result of this was arson, looting and vandalism on an epic scale.
  • It used to be held that corruption was much worse in places like Argentina than in Chile, but developments over the past year or two have shown that this is not the case, with the Carabineros (police) and the Military at the highest levels exposed as having “had their hands in the till” on a grand scale, robbing the state of countless millions (in dollars) which they spent in casinos and on Real Estate and foreign vacations etc. …

The government of Chile is a “shop window” for the five or so wealthy families who run Chile as a private fiefdom. They own (or control) all of the big store chains, including the “farmacias” (drugstore chains) which are big business as the Chilean population are encouraged to be pill poppers and the markups are huge, the Costanera center in Santiago (with the big tower) etc. They also own vast tracts of agricultural land. …

They pay the ordinary working class a bare minimum survival wage, so that they are often forced to live huddled with other family members in shack type housing or shoddily constructed boxes. A lot of young people have made the expensive mistake of thinking that they can enter the middle class by acquiring a college education and have had the nasty shock of discovering that their college degree will only open doors if they “have the right connections” (pitute) and they have ended up saddled with huge debts and having to work long hours doing things like Uber driving. …

Most major roads are toll roads, and the tolls are steep. … For example, a woman appeared on the television recently who has to use this road every day to get to work (the alternative is an endless journey along winding back streets) in her small family car and she said she had to pay about US$300 a month in tolls. Truckers, who have to pay even more, are boiling mad about this scam which gives you an insight into how things work here. If you have the money you have to pay for private healthcare, because public healthcare is awful with people dying in the corridors waiting for treatment — basically, if you are poor here, you are left to die. The mandatory pension scheme, known as AFP, is a long-established swindle — everyone who works has to pay a lot into it every month, and then when they retire they get a derisory pension. So now you are starting to get why the people’s anger is boiling over.

I spent some time in northern Chile after I arrived in 2005, and could not help but notice the uniform ordinariness of the people there. Their rough-hewn faces all looked much the same to me, almost as if they were clones — and they mostly aspired to do the same thing –as little work as possible and to spend their time drinking, having barbecues (asados) and watching football. The wealthier ones would distinguish themselves by driving large pickup trucks, having frequent and bigger barbecues and going on foreign trips either to loaf on a beach at a resort or watch the national team playing an away game. I had a Chilean Spanish teacher for a while whose horizons had been broadened by living in Phoenix, Arizona for some years, and one day I said to him “Patrick, why are the people here so uniformly ordinary and boorish, and his reply was that they are mostly descended from criminals and lowlifes sent over to work the nitrate and other mines in northern Chile, and some of them bred with the tribal mountain people, which apparently didn’t help much. As anywhere there were some good people there of course.

There are large number of communists in northern Chile, seemingly because they haven’t got the message that communism doesn’t work. If you were talking about this to one of them and you said “Do you realize that Stalin killed 20 million of his own countrymen?” they would stare at you blankly and say “Who’s Stalin?” Many of them are so ignorant it beggars belief.

It is not hard to see in Chile an extension of the trends in the West: an elite that runs the place at the expense of everyone else, connections not talent matter as meritocracy takes a back seat to politics, an increasingly low IQ mass of workers, high crime, and the principles of the enlightenment and rule of law long since diluted to nothingness. Gradually sinking back towards a Malthusian existence based on survival, for all except those near the top.

Singer Mon Laferte Goes Topless at Latin Grammys to Protest Police Brutality in Chile, by David Ng.

The singer Mon Laferte bared her breasts Thursday on the red carpet of the Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas, protesting police brutality amid ongoing civil unrest in her native Chile. …

“En Chile torturan violan y matan,” Mon Laferte wrote across her bare chest. The words translate to: “In Chile, they torture, rape, and kill.”