The Australian ABC’s insular little world of green-leftism

The Australian ABC’s insular little world of green-leftism, by Chris Kenny.

Mona Eltahaway: “Imagine if we … systematically killed men, for no reason at all other than for being men”. A guest on the proudly anti-sexist ABC.

The Q&A episode was just another low-IQ festival of wokeness, where perpetually teenage minds rail against society, tilting at the very establishment and taxpayers who fund them. You get this for most of the day, every day, on Radio National, and it comes in a funkier form on Triple J, and infects news and current affairs coverage on all of Aunty’s radio and television stations.

Even if you never pay your HECS debt, you can keep the undergraduate vibe all your life thanks to the ABC.

Producers and hosts don’t seek to reflect mainstream Australian values but to demean them; rather than question those values, they assault them.

Their preference is for any fashionably green-left or anarchical views to be amplified without challenge. They exhibit an almost unfathomable lack of intellectual curiosity.

Pop into the ABC’s Melbourne and Sydney headquarters and you see a lot of people dressed in black and looking sullen. In the lead-up to the federal election they looked a little smug, but the dour Johnny Cash demeanour is back. Who knows what troubles them so? Perhaps it’s the drought. …

The national broadcaster’s Sydney-Melbourne-Canberra axis provides the backbone of a media/political class that includes much of academia, public sector and media unions, environmental and animal rights groups, and the activist set from the professions and bureaucracy.

They elevate themselves above the masses, frowning upon the mainstream penchant for secure borders, cheap electricity, low taxes and the like. …

They are deliberately and proudly out of touch with mainstream concerns and values. …

Cassidy et al can get every political issue and electoral contest wrong — from Donald Trump to climate change, from Brexit to boat turnbacks, from Tony Abbott to Bill Shorten — but never lose their political expert status. …

When Kelly sits in the Q&A host’s chair, as much a feminist activist as the panellists around her, not even calls for violence disturb her sanctimonious green-left mindset. … An exhortation to eat meat would have drawn a stronger rebuke. If a panellist had quoted scripture — like Israel Folau — the host would have challenged and resisted. The promotion of coal-fired electricity, cautious action on climate or tightly controlled immigration programs would have been slapped down and contested. But urge the killing of men or burning of cities? Knock yourselves out.

Read it all. Defund the ABC’s political unit, for the sake of Australian democracy.