What are Spiteful Mutants? Social Epistasis Amplification model

What are Spiteful Mutants? Social Epistasis Amplification model. By Pedantia. The worlds of science and politics collide. You might be surprised that science has something to say about the political pathologies of today. Are we programmed for this? It certainly explains an awful lot. Perhaps leftists are spiteful mutants, and under specific conditions — such as have existed since the 1960s — can take over and infect the society.

People who engage in behavior that is not only damaging to themselves, but to the broader group they belong to … They can avert the ideals of the culture away from conforming to the good of the group, shifting them from group fitness, 50’s era values, and patriotism to sexual liberation, unrestrained freedom, and tolerance — perhaps even celebration — of various types of low fitness manifestations …

Humans are a group-selected species, which means we thrive best when we work together as a collective unit to build a prospering community or civilization. Because we are so social, we have natural adaption processes that occur which allow us to live more in tune with those around us. In our various communities, our auto adaptation mechanism causes us to copy the actions, ideals, and even the beliefs of those in power and those we respect.

If the ideals are conducive to a way of life that increases our general social and reproductive fitness, then the adaptation naturally is in the best interest of the individual adapting to the community. However, sometimes what one may consider good and acceptable is not always actually in the best interest of the individual nor the community.

If a person adapts to a system that contradicts their reproductive fitness, as well as the fitness of the general group they belong to, then adapting to that particular group becomes something that can be detrimental to the individual.