California Governor Names ‘Genius’ Feminist Studies Graduate to Transform California’s Power Sector

California Governor Names ‘Genius’ Feminist Studies Graduate to Transform California’s Power Sector, by Robert Wenzel.

Thanks to all kinds of regulations, the California power company with a state-granted monopoly, PG&E, and other monopoly power companies in other regions, are resorting to shutting off power to millions when there is a threat that high winds may knockdown wires and cause fires.

The state has reacted, not by opening up the regions to more competition, which would most certainly include power suppliers who would provide the correct type of power lines to the high wind regions that would not be susceptible to the winds.

Instead, California Governor Gavin Newsom is going more statist.

He has named a new energy czar, Ana Matosantos. No doubt, new regulations are on their way that will distort and suffocate energy production even more with the heavy arm of the state at the helm.

But who is Ana Matosantos?

Gov. Newsom Appoints “Energy Czar” Ana Matosantos to Completely Transform PG&E, by Lloyd Billingsley.

“PG&E as we know it cannot persist and continue,” proclaimed California governor Gavin Newsom last Friday. “It has to be completely transformed, culturally transformed, operationally transformed, with a safety culture first and foremost.”

Embattled and enflamed Californians might wonder how this complete transformation is to be achieved. On Friday, Gov. Newsom provided the answer when he named his cabinet secretary Ana Matosantos the new “Energy Czar.” Gov. Newsom is on record that his cabinet secretary is a “genius” and Capitol Weekly explains that Matosantos “makes the trains run on time.” …

A Puerto Rico native from a wealthy family, Matosantos earned a BA in political science and feminist studies from Stanford. …

In 2016, Congress passed the PROMESA legislation to deal with Puerto Rico’s $72 billion debt, and the legislation created the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management and Economic Stability Board. San Francisco Democrat Nancy Pelosi favored Matosantos for a board post, and President Obama duly appointed her. It was not disclosed that Matosantos was also on the board of the Matosantos Commercial Corporation, owned by her wealthy family, with deep interests in the energy business on the island.

So emblematic of our ruling class. Remember, so goes California so goes the USA, so goes the West.