Nationalist Campus Insurgency Against Conservatism Inc. Shows America’s Right Up For Grabs

Nationalist Campus Insurgency Against Conservatism Inc. Shows America’s Right Up For Grabs. By James Kirkpatrick.

Conservatism Inc. grifters are on the defensive as passionate, educated, and brave young Christians, nationalists, and patriots are confronting them at their campus events. Charlie Kirk, Matt Walsh, Rep. Dan Crenshaw and others are being bombarded with questions about immigration and the double standards of identity politics. Conservatism Inc. is responding to this grassroots, spontaneous movement the same way it always does — with demands for censorship, purges, and centralized control. Yet the scam is exposed for all to see. New leaders are emerging, ready to transform the American Right into a force truly representing the Historic American Nation.

“Conservatism Inc.” is the parasitic network of nonprofits, phony activist organizations, and outright scam operations masquerading as a movement that I target in my new compilation Conservatism Inc: The Battle for the American Right.

The most poisonous way it works: taking idealistic young campus conservatives and forcing them to parrot meaningless slogans about the glories of neoliberalism and big business. Such nonsense is irrelevant to the lived experience of young (and mostly white) campus conservatives, who are confronted with radical anti-white politics, corporate censorship, and the ruinous cost of family formation. Preaching about tax cuts for the rich and bragging about anti-racism is utterly hollow to these young Americans who see their country being dismantled. ….

This “movement” has completely failed to reach young people because conservatism’s slogans are irrelevant to what we face. An astonishing 70 percent of millennials now say they would vote for an avowed socialist candidate.

By any standard, Conservatism Inc. is an unfathomable failure.

Unless the point is to lose.

Which, of course, it is. Conservative Inc.’s purpose is to keep the American Right corralled and thwart a successful populist movement. Defeat is preferable to a success the bipartisan Establishment can’t control. Meanwhile, individuals within the “movement” personally profit while they manage the decline. By purging nationalists, Conservatism Inc. ensures there is no competition.

Thus, the Beltway Right operates in de facto partnership with antifa and journofa to make sure those with careers in Conservatism Inc. recycle the same stale talking points about tax cuts, Israel, “free markets,” and “anti-socialist” talking points that compare Norway to North Korea. …

Because of Conservatism Inc. cowardice, the Left has total control over the culture and even the American Right. It can dictate who is and is not allowed a job and a platform. It has absolute domination of American higher education. …

If conservatives want to win, they need to treat the right to free speech online as an “existential issue” .. Yet we know Conservatism Inc. won’t defend free speech — because if it did, it would lose its hold over its own constituency. Conservatism Inc. serves as useful controlled opposition for the Left but can’t withstand a sustained challenge from the nationalist Right. If America is to live, it must expel the Conservatism Inc. parasite.

Since the GFC in 2008, at least, the US right has seen two different groups battle it out for control and the heart of the Republican Party.

Like in most Western countries, politics is now best seen as a three way contest:

  • The left.
  • The establishment, big business non-left. Often criticized for basically accepting political correctness and being just a light, smaller-government version of the left that doesn’t fight the left effectively or vigorously enough (“cuckservatives”, “Conservative Inc.”). The media rather approve of this opposition to the left, giving them airtime and credibility. They dismiss concerns about immigration, anti-white racism, and affirmative action.
  • The nationalist non-left. Increasingly represents the interests of the lower and middle classes, that have come to be the only real opposition to the new left. New home for many who left the Left when it switched to identity politics and stopped championing the interests of the lower class. Fights the left culturally, represents traditional western values. Populist. The media hates, misrepresents, and deplatforms this group.

Conservatives can belong to either of the last two groups, which are mostly allies but vie for control of the main non-left party in each western country. In the US, the Tea Party (many of them ex-Democrats) then Trump (also an ex-Democrat, like Reagan) represent the nationalists. All of the non-Trump candidates in the 2016 Republican primary were from the establishment right, but subsequently some have or are switching to the nationalist right.