We no longer live in a rule-based society, and there is no neutral authority to ensure the Left plays by the rules

We no longer live in a rule-based society, and there is no neutral authority to ensure the Left plays by the rules, by the Z-Man.

Many on this side of the divide are stuck in the past, with regards to the political landscape. They assume we live in a rule-based society, in which one can appeal to a neutral authority for relief when the Left violates the rules. If that world ever existed, it is long gone. We live in a soft authoritarianism, where the rules are whatever the people in power say they are at any point in time. It’s not rule of law. It is rule by left-wing fanatic.

As such, the old Chinese curse should always be at the front of the mind of the dissident. That curse is, “may the government become aware of you.” The Chinaman, having lived under some form of authoritarian bureaucracy for thousands of years, is conditioned to understand the reality of his relationship to society. The Chinaman knows that the bureaucrat can and will inflict unlimited cruelty as only a bureaucrat can, if given the opportunity. The wise person avoids making himself known to them. …

What this means for dissidents in the West is cleaning the mind of those old civic nationalist notions of a lawful society judged by neutral arbiters. That world does not exist and cannot be conjured into existence. There is no shaming these people into acting like normal people, capable of living in a civilized, orderly society. They are chaotic evil. They have no respect for rules, other people’s lives, or anything but their own desire for revenge against a world that has made them some hideous.

A lesson we learned the hard way in climate. No, there is no wise and neural arbitrator who can nix the carbon dioxide theory of global warming just because, as the skeptics have been pointing out for four decades, the empirical evidence disagrees with the theory. There is no body to rule it out — all possible such bodies are well and truly corrupted.

The warmists prevail because they have the political power, and their theory appears to be correct. Finding and pointing out the error in their theory may change the situation, but even then it’s not clear what will happen.

The sooner the non-left learns this lesson about the changed political landscape, the better. This game has no umpire — or rather, the Left bought the umpire.