Antifa Viciously Beat Female Real Estate Employee in Her Home

Antifa Viciously Beat Female Real Estate Employee in Her Home, by Chris Tomlinson.

German far-left Antifa extremists broke into the apartment of a real estate company employee and viciously beat her in an ongoing war against a luxury apartment development in Leipzig.

The attack saw two far-left extremists invade the apartment of the 34-year-old real estate worker at around 7 p.m. on Sunday and hit her in the face with their fists several times, according to police spokesman Andreas Loepki, German tabloid Bild reports. …

According to police spokesman Loepki, the home invasion and assault is an entirely new tactic from the far-left extremists.

“There were already comparable home visits from the left spectrum. But they have always been against right-wing extremists,” he said.

Leipzig Lord Mayor Burkhard Jung, a member of the left-wing Social Democrats (SPD), also condemned the violence saying: “A line has been crossed: the militant left scene does not even shy away from attacks on defenceless women.”

“The line spread by the extreme left-wing scene, that they are violent only against things and state institutions, but not against people, is exposed for what it always was: a lie,” he added.

The extremists involved in the attack took credit on the far-left publishing platform Indymedia, saying they “decided to meet those responsible for building a problematic project in the south of Leipzig where it really hurts: in their face”.

Antifa extremists also published an “assassination guide” on the platform in February with tips on how to kill AfD politicians and other political enemies.