Why I’m Counting on ‘Generation Joker’

Why I’m Counting on ‘Generation Joker’. By Milo Yiannopoulos.

Joker is a masterpiece. But even more remarkable than its stylistic brilliance and moral seriousness is the triviality with which it has been approached by the liberal establishment.

I have read a few dozen reviews of Joker by now. Not a single one is written as intelligently as the movie is, which is the opposite of how film coverage normally goes. At most publications, reviewing Joker has been farmed out to the junior women on staff. Perhaps the men are too overawed and incapacitated by it, like the rest of us, to dissemble.

More likely, their editors are up to something. I’ve been watching verified imbeciles sperg out about it for weeks. It hasn’t been an ordinary kind of sperg-out. When they hate something, but are not afraid of it, they go to war: You see op-eds, tweet storms, endless invective. But when our social justice overlords are truly, madly, uncontrollably terrified by something, they pretend to be bored by it. They affect indifference. Except, they do it in perfect unison — which is how you can tell it’s a lie.

The Joker movie is an important cultural moment:

Like masculinity itself, Joker is equal parts beautiful and terrifying. It is a warning about the consequences of a godless world of runaway capitalism and easy mood fixes. It is a movie about a society that has become corrupt and degenerate and turned in on itself, saturated with sex, pornography and prescription drugs. Young men have become completely dissociated from their own lives, and from any sense of worth. It is a society that many of us would recognize. …

We are reeling from a disaster still unfolding: the unmaking of reality at the hands of millennial progressivism, which has shredded common-sense truths about gender and even dissolved national borders. This is how Fleck, ageing and single in the 1980s, can speak to disorientated 19-year-olds today, who similarly see no economic or romantic prospects for themselves.

Male disaffection is now multi-generational, and multi-ethnic. Young and old alike are lost. This is not limited to the involuntarily celibate. …

We’ve been told to turn a blind eye to the excesses of modern feminism, because, well, ladies had it pretty rough back in the day guys, didn’t they? We’ve been told to go easy on race-baiting conspiracy theorists because, you know, you’re white and so you’ve inherited all that privilege, my guy! After all, aren’t we the aggressors — the historical oppressors of just about everyone else?

This nonsense, this desperate plea for pity in the face of historical reality, is wearing pretty fucking thin in 2019. While we are being bamboozled, society has become hostile to its own engines of progress and creation, alienating and spurning Christians, men, heterosexuals and, yes, white people. The after-effects of this terrible neglect are setting in, and the young men I know are searching for a means to sublimate their rage and pain. And they want someone — anyone — to say: You are right to be furious. At last, mirabile dictu, somebody has. Unfortunately, that person is serial killer Arthur Fleck.

The Joker universe, and Fleck’s fatherlessness, is a product of the divorce culture that emerged in America in the 1960s and ’70s and which was just starting to bite in the decade in which the movie is set. Arthur Fleck is lost because he is fatherless, because his absent father is a bastard, and because the man he imagines might love him as a father turns out to be heartless and abusive. Generation Joker suffers from a desperate lack of male role models too, because the men around them have been so grotesquely feminized …

Milo? Another one makes the turn. The left are so going to hate this. Gay Milo really comes out.

Joker asks us to identify what’s missing from this broken world, and it points us to the answer, even as it mocks it: God.

Arthur Fleck is a murderer, so he cannot be a savior, but he is the only hero the movie offers — the only one possible in a joyless, Christless culture. Joker speaks to young men of every political persuasion and sexual orientation. Yet it does so in a language they don’t even speak any more: the language of Christ. And it does so in contradictory layers of irony and sarcasm that will be deeply familiar to anyone immersed in contemporary internet culture. In particular, it feels like home to Generation Z.

Unlike just about everyone else I know, I am thrilled at the rise of Generation Z. Against everything the pollsters and experts will tell you, I think the West is primed for a religious revival. And, as I’ve been saying for the past year, I think it’s Generation Z who will lead it. I’ve noticed young people getting curious about the origins of Western civilization. Many of them have been seduced by an easy narrative that answers many of the questions they have but leaves them forlorn and without a positive direction in which to fight: Race, which fails comprehensively to explain the transcendent glories and ineffable mysteries of Western painting, literature, philosophy and society when set against Christianity, the true internal cause of all our culture and artistic achievement. …

Several young men have told me that they loved Joker, and instinctively understood it as a work of substance, but they couldn’t articulate precisely why or explain much further what they took away from it. Of course, there’s no way young men can know the origins of the things they love, since God has been so comprehensively wiped from the curriculum, from pop culture and from public life. Successive generations of conservative authors, activists and intellectuals failed utterly to defend the legacy and accomplishments of Christianity.

Consequently, no one under 30 has any idea about the belief system that underpins the entire Western edifice or about the themes and personalities that ripple through great art. They can make out commingling echoes but cannot identify the originating sounds. The progressive Left’s reductionist attack on straight white males has produced a weak counterinsurgency focused on skin color at the expense of history and theology. …

The great Trump-era white supremacy panic is just that — a moral panic, an expression of modern mythology of the type elites are especially vulnerable to. Really, boys are simply rediscovering the sort of role model that Robert Baden-Powell presented to young Boy Scouts as virtuous examples of heroic masculinity: enlightened Crusader knights defending Christendom from the evils of Islam. …

The single biggest factor in determining whether someone will be content with his life is whether he regularly participates in public worship. This concords perfectly with Gen Z’s preference for the public and the communal over the private. They only need to be shown the via and the veritas. Without the help of schools, churches or government, some young men are feeling for their own solutions, occasionally with success …

One critical task for the rest of us is the cleansing of our religious institutions, so they are ready for the keen critical eyes of this new generation. All that today’s Left-wing churches have to say about masculinity is that it is bad, it hurts women, men are properly the objects of fear, ridicule, and scorn, wherever possible male “toxicity” should be monitored, and boisterousness and overzealousness — critical components of healthy manhood — should be viciously punished. Spiritual fatherhood, the deepest masculinity, is the only way out of Christianity’s current crisis. Sometimes that is going to mean being angry. It is right and proper to hate the hateful; visceral outrage is the only proper moral response to drag queen story time.

The real danger to our society is not a lack of virtue. It’s a lack of heroism, and a lack of understanding among younger generations about objective truth and beauty. There is a generation of young men blooming into adulthood without proper intellectual moorings, who could be molded into soldiers of Christ, filled with that glad and angry faith by the right spiritual leader. They will not be satisfied by bromides from pill-popping self-help gurus; to save the West, we have to bring these men back to the Church.

Remove God from the conversation and you don’t magically gift society with a public square that operates on elevated Enlightenment principles of reason, logic and nice manners. All you do is make room for evil to take His place, whether race war, gender animosity, obsessions with gay and transgender rights, or bizarre preoccupations with the civil rights of illegal immigrants. This is the danger of an irreligious Right: Without God, energized young conservative activists are seduced by the progressive Left into seeing the world in terms of race instead. And from racial tribalism, so, inexorably, follows war.

Read it all. Bear in mind that culture is upstream of politics.

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