Nigel and Donald Drop a Brexit Bombshell

Nigel and Donald Drop a Brexit Bombshell, by James Delingpole.

This morning Nigel Farage — with a little help from his American chum Donald — dropped his bombshell. The Brexit Party isn’t going to go down without a fight; it isn’t going to concede the field to the Conservatives; no, what Boris is promising definitely isn’t Brexit — so unless he changes his Withdrawal Agreement and forms some kind of loose alliance then the Brexit Party is going to contend every seat in the coming election, potentially splitting the Leave vote and exposing Britain to the double horror of No Brexit and Jeremy Corbyn Prime Minister.

It follows on from his incredible scoop on his LBC radio show yesterday evening — possibly the greatest scoop any talk radio show has managed ever — when the President of the USA just happened to drop by as his phone-in guest.

Not only that — big favours, I imagine, were being called in here — but President Trump made it clear that his preference was for some kind of Boris Johnson/Nigel Farage pact…

…and that furthermore, in his [Trump’s] opinion, the Withdrawal Agreement now being promoted by Boris Johnson is not conducive that the very special trade deal that President Trump has been promising his British chums.

Trump in other words, has weighed in on the most divisive point in the current Brexit debate — is or isn’t what Boris has negotiated “real Brexit” — and come out on the side of Farage (who said that Boris’s deal is about 95 per cent of Theresa May’s thrice-rejected “turd” of a Withdrawal Agreement). …

Farage has big bollocks (well, one, technically but the point stands): instead of throwing in his cards – which is what a less feisty player would do at this point in the game – he is doubling down. …

As you can see from the second poll (from a local election), the Labour vote has collapsed — which might tempt the Conservatives to think that they can well survive this general election without having to make any deals with the Brexit Party.

What Farage and the Brexit Party are saying is: “Don’t count us out of the equation just yet. We still carry roughly 10 per cent of the vote and we could make things really unpleasant for you.”

hat-tip Chris