Scott Morrison flags new laws to crack down on climate activists

Scott Morrison flags new laws to crack down on climate activists. By Greg Brown.

Scott Morrison has flagged new laws to crack down on activist protesters who target mining businesses, declaring “absolutist environmentalism is testing the limits of the right to protest”.

The Prime Minister will use a speech to the Queensland Resources Council in Brisbane on Friday to attack the “new breed of radical activism” which he will say is putting mining and other key industries at risk.

“The right to protest does not mean there is an unlimited licence to disrupt people’s lives and disrespect your fellow Australians,” Mr Morrison will say.

“There is also a related and co-ordinated campaign to disrupt the commercial operations of resource companies, by trespassing on their property, by vandalising property or by delaying construction of essential infrastructure. There is no place for economic sabotage dressed up as activism.

“But there is a third, even more worrying development. An escalating trend towards a new form of secondary boycotts. This is a trend with potentially serious consequences for our economy. Environmental groups are targeting businesses and firms who provide goods or services to firms they don’t like, especially in the resources sector.” …

Mr Morrison will say his government would not allow the issue to go unchecked, warning the boycotts could extend to the agriculture sector and airlines.

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