Australia de-industrializes in response to an unchecked theory

Australia de-industrializes in response to an unchecked theory, by Alan Moran.

Australia’s green energy subsidies have transformed the nation from having the cheapest electricity among major global entities to one of the dearest. For households, the average Australian price at 25 (US) cents per kwh, is three times that in India and China, which do not have our cheap coal, and almost twice that of the US (the average of which is boosted by green fruitloop West Coast policies). We do, however, remain better placed than Germany, where the “Energiewende transition” has brought prices to 36 cents per kwh.

Australia’s deindustrialisation is certain under the policies being adopted by both the Coalition and the ALP; the next major manufacturing plant departures will be at least two of the three east coast aluminium smelters. With electricity comprising 30 per cent of aluminium’s costs (relatively low Australian electricity costs were the magnet for the facilities’ establishment here) only a radical change of policy can restore their competitiveness. Such a change is not on the cards.

All because they didn’t do due diligence on the carbon dioxide theory of global warming. How about a Royal Commission into whether the theory is true? It’s based on theory, not empirical evidence, and there is a mistake in the theory.