Who Are The Four Greens Politicians Speaking At The Mining Conference Riot in Melbourne?

Who Are The Four Greens Politicians Speaking At The Mining Conference Riot in Melbourne? By Lucas Rosas.

Four prominent members of the Australian Greens are due to speak at the Socialist Alternative organised blockade of the IMARC mining conference in Melbourne over the course of the next few days.

The Australian Greens support for this violent display of organised mass lawbreaking has gone unmentioned by Australia’s mainstream media. You would think the fact that the third largest political party in Australia is supporting an illegal blockade organised by a revolutionary Marxist group might have been newsworthy.

Federal Greens MP Adam Bandt, Victorian Greens Leader Samantha Ratnam, Former Greens Member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly Lidia Thorpe, and Former Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon.

Adam Bandt

It means the Greens are no longer even vaguely worried about cosying up to their Communist comrades anymore.

Back when the Greens were founded Bob Brown organised it so that various Trotskyist groups (specifically the Democratic Socialist Party) were expelled as a condition of the state parties coming together as one federal apparatus. Old Stalinists in the NSW party like Lee Rhiannon were tolerated as they were considered isolated, powerless and for the most part irrelevant in the aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union. …

Despite the best efforts of the more moderate factions, the Australian Greens are getting ever more comfortable associating with people whose stated goal is overthrowing the government and implementing a totalitarian state.

The reason for this is simple, their friends in the media have never made an issue of it. Because their friends in the media don’t see anything wrong with it.

Read it all. The riots against the mining conference are clearly anti-capitalist, pro-communist in nature. The climate change excuse is a thin fig leaf.