China’s president’s daughter is at Harvard. That’s a big warning sign.

China’s president’s daughter is at Harvard. That’s a big warning sign. By David Archibald

President Xi’s daughter, having graduated from Harvard in 2014, is now back there. And that it is likely for her own safety. …

The communist regimes in Russia and Eastern Europe lasted about 70 years before they burned out, and it has been wondered if the 70-year rule will also apply to China. The communist party in China recently celebrated 70 years since its founding, and it looks as if burnout is happening on cue. The princelings are jealous of the fortunes made by China’s entrepreneurial class and have started to take their fortunes from them, starting with the likes of Jack Ma, who had founded Alibaba. Another Chinese billionaire, Miles Kwok, has predicted that Jack Ma will be either in prison or dead within a year [Ma since “resigned”].  Once started, expropriation will work its way down through the economy, and it will be a profound productivity-killer.

A lot of China’s managerial class now has at least part of its fortune offshore and has sent its children, often only one child, to foreign universities.  Some of those children have been told, “Never come back to China.”

Xi Mingze at Harvard means that a coup is possible in China.