As progressives, we got it wrong, says Labor’s Clare O’Neil

As progressives, we got it wrong, says Labor’s Clare O’Neil, by Clare O’Neil.

Labor frontbencher Clare O’Neil will call on the party to push back against political correctness in light of the May election defeat, saying progressives are too quick to dismiss people with ­opposing views as “obviously wrong, probably stupid and possibly sub­human”.

While saying she does not like being on the “same side of an ­argument as Alan Jones”, the ­opposition innovation spokeswoman will on Thursday say she was dismayed during the election campaign to discover lifelong Labor voters felt “progressives were talking down to them”. …

“When … Labor people of a lifetime tell us they feel they are not allowed to question new ­social standards that seem to be reset every other week, I think we need to listen,” she will say, ­according to a draft copy of the speech.

“There is a culture developing in the progressive movement where membership is granted with a box of ideas. And if you don’t accept one of the ideas in the box, you do not merely have a different opinion, you are ­obviously wrong, probably stupid and possibly subhuman.

“Not everyone with a concern about the immigration rate is a bigot. Not everyone with a hesitation about changing gender roles is sexist. Not every social change is inarguably a good one.

Maybe they are getting it. A loss is good for them.

A sniff of victory, though, and all this soul searching will be forgotten in an instant, as competitive virtue signaling drives them on to new ideological extremes.