US Navy admiral: A 355-ship Navy may not be attainable

US Navy admiral: A 355-ship Navy may not be attainable, by Ed Adamczyk.

“Will we get to 355 ships?” [Vice Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Robert Burke] asked at the Military Reports and Editors conference in Arlington, Va. “I think with today’s fiscal situation, where the Navy’s top line is right now, we can keep around 305 to 310 ships whole, properly manned, properly maintained, properly equipped, and properly ready.” …

Currently, about 30 percent of the Navy’s destroyer fleet can leave port on schedule after repairs, and six of 11 aircraft carriers are under repair; one is the USS Harry S. Truman, whose electrical problems forced a cancellation of its deployment to the Middle East in September.

Rep. John Garamendi, D-Calif., told a Navy official during a House Armed Services Committee meeting on Wednesday, “If you cannot take care of a 290-ship fleet, so maybe you shouldn’t build more.”

Stephen Green:

The country has tens of millions more people than we did in the ’80s, we’re vastly richer, we’re more reliant on trade than ever, and yet we can only put to sea a fleet barely more than half the size it was under Reagan.

Another data point showing that the abilities of the West are slipping, under an increasingly  incompetent ruling class more interested in diversity and importing third world votes than meritocracy and looking after their native population.