California: maybe prescribed burns once every 500 years are not enough?

California: maybe prescribed burns once every 500 years are not enough? By Joanne Nova.

In Western Australia (WA) we have incendiary gum trees, regular droughts, and humidity so low that sometimes the clothes dry in the washing machine. Far be it for me to tell Californians how to manage their forests, but thought it worth a mention that Western Australian State govt do managed burns on 8% of the forest each year, and our top experts say it should be twice as much.

Compare that to California, where the rate of prescribed burning is now around 0.2% of the forest or so. Not the same type of fire-loving trees, but still the flammable kind…

Apparently some Californians have been burning off since practically the end of the last ice age. It’s just university educated Californians who don’t seem to have the hang of it yet:

The native communities across California have been practising traditional, controlled forest burning techniques for 13,000 years….

In dry climates such as Australia and California, people learned thousands of years ago if you don’t burn off at least once every ten years then you eventually get a devastating, dangerous fire. Much better to burn off. Now our idiot Greens have to relearn that message (in both Australia and California), at our cost.