New Study Finds Women Aren’t as Funny as Men

New Study Finds Women Aren’t as Funny as Men, by Paul Joseph Watson.

The study, published by the Journal of Research in Personality, asked subjects to write a funny caption for a cartoon that was then judged by a panel of judges.

Researchers found that 63 per cent of men were deemed to be funnier than the average woman.

The study included over 5500 participants, 67 per cent of whom were women, eliminating and in fact overcompensating for any potential gender bias. It also involved a third-party evaluation of the subjects by someone who was not aware of the subject’s gender. …

“Humor is strongly correlated with intelligence, which explains why women value men with a great sense of humor, as intelligence was crucial for survival throughout our evolutionary history when we mostly lived in hunter-gatherer groups,” said Greengross.

Christopher Hitchens was right.

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