California Faces “Biggest Blackout Ever” As 2.5 Million May Have No Power For Days

California Faces “Biggest Blackout Ever” As 2.5 Million May Have No Power For Days, by Tyler Durden.

Earlier this week we joked that with PG&E now scrambling to enforce intentional blackouts every time there are powerful winds for fears the bankrupt company’s aged infrastructure could cause a new fire, “every time the wind blows California will become Venezuela.”

Turns out it wasn’t a joke.

On Friday, with its stock crashing to a new all time low amid speculation it may have been responsible for the latest California inferno, the Kincade Fire, PG&E warned it will shut off power again on Saturday to as many as 2.5 million people as violent winds batter the state, in what according to Bloomberg will be “California’s largest intentional blackout ever.

According to a Friday statement, approximately 850,000 homes and businesses in Northern California, including much of the San Francisco Bay Area, may be impacted beginning Saturday evening. …

California … this summer received almost no rain and a five-year drought earlier this decade killed millions of trees that can now easily ignite, while the recent strong winds have dried out grasses and shrubs even further.

Stuart Nachman:

There is an excellent column in today’s WSJ about the folly of forcing PG & E to divert resources from grid maintenance to green projects at the direction of the legislature. But according to the Governor it is all the fault of these greedy capitalists.

Environmentalist’s policies have made fires a lot worse in Australia too.

hat-tip Charles