Judge Rules Dad Has Say In Gender ‘Transition’ Of 7-Year-Old James Younger, Puts Gag Order On Dad

Judge Rules Dad Has Say In Gender ‘Transition’ Of 7-Year-Old James Younger, Puts Gag Order On Dad, by Amanda Prestigiacomo.

On Thursday, Judge Kim Cooks ruled Texas father Jeffrey Younger has a say in his seven-year-old son’s gender “transition,” which is being facilitated by the boy’s mother and Younger’s ex-wife, Dr. Anne Georgulas. Younger is attempting to halt the boy’s transition. …

Chemical castration coming up:

Reporting from The Texan says Georgulas’ lawyers Jessica Janicek and Laura Hayes claimed during the trial that the mother does not plan on giving James hormone blockers at this time. However, “no one has stated that she (Georgulas) would not be open to using them when James begins puberty,” the report said, noting, “When Georgulas testified on Friday, she said that she understood a ‘social transition’ is usually followed by a ‘medical transition’ using puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones.”

In addition, Ms. Georgulas’ July 2018 testimony reveals that James, if he “persists” in being a “girl” named “Luna,” is set to be evaluated for hormone suppressants as young as age eight. …

Pressured by his mum into behaving like a girl and wearing dresses:

Younger disagrees with Ms. Georgulas that James is actually a girl named “Luna.”

He has claimed Georgulas, in his opinion, would only show James love and affection when he would say he’s a girl and began showing James trans-related material, such as media from famed transgender child Jazz Jennings, when he was a toddler. In a video captured by Younger when the boy was just three years old, James tells his dad that “mommy” tells him he’s a girl and puts him in dresses.

“[James] wears a dress at her (his ex-wife’s) home; he has a new made-up name, Luna — it appears in the court filings. He goes to school; the teachers call him ‘Luna.’ He uses the girl’s bathroom at school. All of his authority figures — his mother, his teacher, the librarian at school, the police officer at school, the principal at school — tell him he’s a girl. I’m the only authority figure in his life that tells him the truth; that he’s actually a boy,” Younger told host Luke Macias during an episode of “The Luke Macias Show.” …

Progress! All the anti-male propaganda of the last 50 years is having an effect. Everyone should be a woman, it seems. So equal, so much better, so much more politically correct.