Math — It’s Oppressive!

Math — It’s Oppressive! By John Hinderaker.

Robby Soave reports at Reason:

The [Seattle public school] district has proposed a new social justice-infused curriculum that would focus on “power and oppression” and “history of resistance and liberation” within the field of mathematics. The curriculum isn’t mandatory, but provides a resource for teachers who want to introduce ethnic studies into the classroom vis a vis math.

Why, exactly, would you introduce “ethnic studies” into mathematics?  … Why would a school district do this, unless it is deliberately trying to foment ethnic division?

Ability to do math transcends race and other irrelevant factors. Facility at mathematics, earned through many hours of hard labor, has allowed countless Asian-Americans to prosper, to the point where Asian-American incomes are now, on the average, considerably higher than white incomes. Why were all these “people of color” not “oppressed” or “marginalized” by mathematics? Because they did their homework and studied for tests. …

There is not much more to say, except to note that the attack on competence can’t stop with mathematics. If math is oppressive, so are physics, chemistry, biology and every other subject that requires hard study to master objective reality. God help us when our structural engineers are products of an educational system that considers knowledge of mathematics to be a symptom of “oppression.”

Strangely, I am reminded of Jeremy Clarkson and President Zuma of South Africa:

Taken to it’s logical conclusion, if all activities that distinguish between groups of humans on the basis of competence are made illegal, there won’t be much competence left.

It might be easier to stop pretending that the all groups of humans are statistically identical except for undeniable features like appearance.