‘Princess Pushy go Home’ – Britain Tires of Meghan Markle

‘Princess Pushy go Home’ – Britain Tires of Meghan Markle, by James Delingpole.

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Princess Pushy — aka former Suits actress Meghan Markle; aka the current Duchess of Sussex; aka Prince Harry’s missus — has been telling anyone who’ll listen how tough it is being a member of Britain’s Royal Family. …

Her popularity is tanking, she’s probably the second most bitterly divisive issue in Britain after Brexit, and if she carries on the way she’s going she could well finish off the job started in the 1930s by her fellow unsuitable American spouse Wallace Simpson and kill Britain’s Royal Family altogether. …

Why? Politically correct, identity politics:

One thing we love about our Queen is that she represents all of us. Because she keeps her mouth resolutely shut on contentious issues –- she’s much happier talking about horses, about which she knows a lot -– she has stayed above the fray of politics.

Princess Pushy, on the other hand, has charged into the most divisive issues of the day like a bull into a china shop –- especially regarding anything to do with identity politics.

She has, for example, spoken out publicly in favour of ‘decolonising the curriculum’ at universities: woke speak for ‘removing any remaining intellectual content from dumbed-down academe, replacing the pursuit of excellence with the usual rag bag of feminist and race-baiting grievances.’

Also her relentless quest for the cutting edge of woke has led her into some unforced errors which a better-advised royal would have avoided like the plague: promoting a charity cookbook raising funds for a notorious mosque with links to several terrorists; wading into the fraught sexual identity debate by apparently contemplating raising Archie in a ‘gender neutral’ manner; persuading her husband Harry that there’s a thing called ‘unconscious bias’ which secretly turns all white people into racists


Britain is not a racist country. Indeed, I think I speak for most of us when I say that we didn’t even know Meghan Markle was a ‘person of colour’ — she could easily pass for Hispanic or southern Italian — until the media kept banging on about it and turned her mixed-race background into such a defining issue.

In doing so, Markle has engendered an aura of racial tension about the Royal Family where none hitherto existed. …

Worse, she — and her unfortunate, emasculated husband — have developed the embarrassing habit of blaming all the criticism that Meghan gets on ‘racism.’ … If you criticise Meghan in any way, the SJW mob will try to shut you down with the “R” word.

SJW princess:

What we object to is being lectured by some random actress who only arrived in the country about ten minutes ago, yet now feels that because she’s married to Prince Charles’s younger son it’s her job to make us all think like politically correct Hollywood drones.

If Princess Pushy feels like she is being got at by Britain’s tabloid media — traditionally the Royal Family’s staunchest supporters — all she has to do is stop behaving like a Hollywood snowflake and start behaving like an actual British royal.

The left is currently politicizing everything. It’s too much, far too much.