Britain Stands on the Brink of Brexit Victory

Britain Stands on the Brink of Brexit Victory, by James Delingpole.

No, I don’t mean Boris Johnson’s new deal, which may or may not prevail.

I mean that the British people’s fury with the shenanigans of the liberal elite has reached such a pitch that nothing — neither the police nor our rule-makers nor our bent, parti-pris judiciary — is capable of stopping us prevailing in the end.

A sign:

For evidence, look no further than the glorious scenes at Canning Town Station in East London this week, when a sickly-looking pair of Extinction Rebellion milquetoasts were yanked from on top of a Tube train carriage by angry commuters and told exactly where they could shove their green revolution. …

We do, however, know the identity of at least one of the tofu-munching gimps who thought it would be a good idea to stop thousands of commuters getting to work that morning by preventing their transport from leaving the station.

His name is Mark Ovland and he’s a Buddhist teacher.

No, wait, scrub that. He’s even more useless than that. Mark Ovland is an ex-Buddhist teacher.

Ovland used to have a non-job.

Now he has given up even his non-job to become a full time climate protestor, which isn’t so much of a non-job as an anti-job: it doesn’t merely fail to add much to the economy, like his Buddhist teaching non-job did; it actively steals from the economy by preventing people from earning a living and creating value and trying to give their kids a better future.

But what does any of this have to do with Brexit?

It has EVERYTHING to do with Brexit.

The clash between hard-working, honest, decent wage-earners on the one hand, and work-shy, pampered, over-“educated”, lefty eco-activist parasites on the other is the embodiment of the clash of cultures which led to Brexit.

If you had to draw a Venn diagram of Extinction Rebellion supporters and people who voted Remain, you wouldn’t get two overlapping circles — you’d get one circle with both pretty much sitting on top of each other.

Extinction Rebellion is Remain; Remain is Extinction Rebellion.

That’s because Remain was never really about Britain’s membership of the European Union any more than Extinction Rebellion is really about saving the planet. …

Our ruling class, the clerisy:

The clerisy is that entitled, educated, middle-class liberal elite which has become increasingly dominant in Britain and elsewhere — the U.S., for example, suffers exactly same problem — since the turn of the Millennium.

This liberal elite is at once a parasite and an oppressor. Not only does it feel that it is owed a generous living, regardless of what it actually contributes to the economy. But it also believes that by dint of its education it has the right to tell the rest of the population how it should behave, talk, even think.

One of the things that these liberal elites have in common across the West is their passionate belief in bigger government.

They have to believe in bigger government because their livings often depend on it. …

Extinction Rebellion, though it professes to be anti-Establishment, embodies the left-liberal values of the current Establishment hegemony.

That’s why rarely, if ever, will you hear anyone in government criticising Extinction Rebellion’s ideology, only its methods. …

Patience with the ruling class fools is wearing thin:

Grudging tolerance has gradually given way to a simmering sense of injustice: “How can it be”, ordinary folk have started to wonder, “that these privileged wanktards with their pointless degrees in Environmental Sciences and Advanced Poi are free to build pyramids at Oxford Circus and block Westminster Bridge when if I tried it I’d get myself chucked in jail?”

That simmering sense of injustice is now erupting into acts of rebellion — real rebellion, not Extinction Rebellion’s state-protected faux-rebellion — like the one in Canning Town Station. …

My take home from all this isn’t that it’s all about to kick off and that Britain is about to erupt in gilets-jaunes type violence.

Rather, it’s simply that the longer Brexit has been delayed by the corrupt, failing Establishment, the more we Brexiteers have become aware that we are the majority, that we’re the ones with both justice and common sense on our side, and that we’re not going to take no for an answer.