San Francisco Expands Travel Ban to 22 Pro-Life States

San Francisco Expands Travel Ban to 22 Pro-Life States, by Zachary Evans.

The city of San Francisco has added 22 states with laws limiting abortion access to a blacklist that prevents city employees from traveling to those states on the city’s dime or dealing with businesses based in them. …

City Supervisor Vallie Brown said the ban showed “our commitment to women, trans men, and nonbinary people in San Francisco and across the country.” …

San Francisco city officials also drew fire from conservatives last month when the City Council passed a resolution calling the National Rifle Association a “domestic terrorist organization.”

That much is true. But this is satire:

All The Other States Beg California To Add Them To Travel Ban, by the Babylon Bee.

After California added Iowa to its growing list of states to which the government will not fund trips, all the other states began clamoring to get added to this ban list.

“Wait—there’s a way to get Californian politicians banned from traveling here? Where do we sign up?” said one state legislator in Georgia. “Is there a waiting list? Wait—all we have to do is refuse to fund gender transition surgeries!?! That’s amazing!”