Angry Londoners Drag Climate Change Protesters From Roof of Train

Angry Londoners Drag Climate Change Protesters From Roof of Train, by Joel Adams

A must-watch:

Before 7am protesters arrived en masse at the east London station this morning and unfurled a banner reading ‘business as usual = death’. At least two scaled a train as it waited to depart, sparking violent fury from commuters. …

Furious London commuters dragged Extinction Rebellion protesters down from the top of a Tube train after demonstrators tried to cause travel chaos this morning. …

A hastily-deleted tweet comparing themselves to icon of the nonviolent black civil rights movement, Rosa Parks, was also met with opprobrium from social media users.

Video surfaced from Canning Town station of a protester seemingly being beaten and kicked by angry workers on the station platform having been dragged bodily from the top of a train.

Eight protester arrests this morning brings the total since last Monday to 1,711 as police warn XR’s antics are pulling officers from community policing and stretching resources to breaking point.

The group’s leaders have called off a planned protest at Gatwick airport ‘in light of’ the response to the Tube disruption and a spokesman said thr group would ‘take stock’ before disrupting the Underground any further.

Paul Joseph Watson:

The ‘Extinction Rebellion’ protest movement is one huge virtue signal centered around middle and upper middle class people lecturing working class people on how to live their lives.

Glenn Reynolds:

The normals have lost patience with the self-indulgent antics of hysterical overprivileged white people.

Brendan O’Neill:

Some leftists and greens have been shocked by today’s rebellion against Extinction Rebellion. They’re saying XR should change tactics. But the problem here isn’t tactics – no, this ugly, elitist inconveniencing of ordinary people represents the actual content of XR’s outlook. It captures the fundamentals of this movement, which is a backward-looking, anti-progress, anti-people outfit. Today’s XR sneering at working people wasn’t a mistaken tactic — it was the essence of environmentalism.

The idea that XR must now change tack to try to win over more working people is ridiculous. People reject this elitist movement. They reject its alarmism, its snobbery, its anti-humanism, and its demands for crippling austerity. We saw that today. Commuters’ message was ‘Fuck Extinction Rebellion’.

Across the Tube system commuters confronted the XR irritants. In one videoed scene a commuter can be heard asking about people who have hospital appointments to keep. What about them? ‘The point is…’, replies a plummy XR protester, no doubt about to launch into a snooty green lecture for the little people, but she gets cut off by other angry commuters. One points out that the train she has glued herself to is electric. Why target this transport system? ‘Are you guys really THAT fucking stupid?’, he asks. ‘That’s why you ain’t got jobs…’

Joanne Nova:

This is what we get after two decades of shutting down the conversation — most people aren’t convinced, and most activists are loopy. No middle ground.

Instead of trying to force the crowd to bow before their lecture, they could always stop namecalling, and actually listen to the people they are trying to persuade. Just a thought.

Live by virtue signalling and moral superiority posturing, then die by by it too.