The corruption of Joe Biden

The corruption of Joe Biden, by John Hinderaker.

No evidence of wrongdoing? The evidence is that Hunter Biden collected millions of dollars from foreign companies which he had no qualifications to work for. Why did Burisma think it made sense to pay him $3 million when he had no knowledge of either natural gas or Ukraine? Hunter pretty much admitted the reason in an interview earlier today

Robach: If your last name wasn’t Biden, do you think you would have been asked to be on the board of Burisma?

Biden: I don’t know. I don’t know. Probably not

Joe Biden didn’t do anything wrong? A time-honored method of taking bribes is having them paid to a family member, usually in exchange for nominal or nonexistent services. It is comical to watch “reporters” pretend not to understand this.

Or having them paid to your so-called charity, e.g. the Clinton Foundation.