Can the Right Fight Without Saying White?

Can the Right Fight Without Saying White? By David Cole.

For years I worked alongside the innocuous, cuddly conservatives who dominated the Southern California Republican scene. And as the left steadily upped its antiwhite vitriol, to the extent that “blame whitey” became the dominant theme, my National Review-consuming chums struggled to counter the new rhetoric. When leftists would scream, “Whites are privileged, evil, and must be reduced in numbers and influence,” we’d hit back with the zinger “You’re the real racists.”

Uh, yeah. So what? You know what doesn’t offend real racists? To be called real racists. Imagine telling a 1920s KKK kleagle, “You know what, dude? You’re a racist.” He’d nod.

“1925 Ben Shapiro destroys Klansman with brilliant retort: ‘You’re racist!’”

If you want to counter a racist, you don’t point out that he’s racist; you point out that he’s wrong. But “Party of Lincoln” conservatives get queasy at the thought of saying anything positive about whiteness. They prefer room-temperature pap about how “we don’t ‘see’ race! America’s an idea, not a color! There are no inborn factors among humans that can’t be overcome with a Thomas Sowell book and a flag pin.” …

Cuddly conservatives believe that the best response to the left’s rabid racism is to be “better than that.” And when nonwhite voters see how determined we are to avoid mentioning race, they’ll flock to the GOP in droves! …

The sad fact is, the fear of appearing racist makes dunces of a lot of otherwise clever conservatives.

“By gum, those Founding Fathers sure were a brilliant group of men.”

“And how would you describe those Founding Fathers? You know, their identity?”

“Why, Judeo-Christian, of course! What other identity could possibly matter? Because I don’t see race. Hell, I always thought Ben Franklin was an aboriginal Pintupi. You’re telling me he wasn’t? Well, he could have been.”

Everything the left is today, everything it does, is based on the notion that white is bad. “White bad” is the cornerstone of all leftist positions, from the economy to the environment, entertainment, the internet, sports, science, and academia. And here come the cowed, delusional, milquetoast conservatives who think they can counter “white bad” without saying or even implying “white good.” …

The left’s current raison d’être is “We hate white,” which cuddly conservatives hope to counter with an enforced and mandatory collective response of “We’re indifferent to white.” There’s no passion in indifference, and no willingness to fight. The indifferent will always be defeated by the zealous. That rule is ironclad and eternal. …

If you police language and associations in the name of some kind of purity test meant to purge those who see being white the same way we Ashkenazim see being Jewish — something to be proud of, something that isn’t just “not bad” but good — you do so at your own risk. Unless you want rightists to lose the war.