Dissidents from Left Wing Rule Persecuted by Alliance of Antifa and Police — in Denmark!

Dissidents from Left Wing Rule Persecuted by Alliance of Antifa and Police — in Denmark! By the Z-Man.

Is this the enlightened future promised by the progressives? Looks more like a regression to police state authoritarianism of the 1800s.

In Europe, everyone does street politics and it is not necessarily attached to the parties. As a result, dissidents and nationalists know how to work around Antifa in order to organize and hold events.

Without giving anything away, this morning I received a secret message, telling me where to stand at a particular time and to have the secret symbol visible. I arrived at the spot at the assigned time and in a few minutes, a man walking a dog passed by. As he did, he dropped a crumpled piece of paper onto the ground. I waited a few minutes until he was out of range and picked up the paper. On it was the location of the event. Others were sent to dead drops or met a courier at a specific location.

That is a bit of an exaggeration, but the point is to give Antifa as little time as possible to organize a riot. It works pretty well, but not this year. They were onto the location just as the doors opened. The cops were there to support them, allowing Antifa to close down the streets. As a result, we were forced to shelter in place for the day. Most people got in, but some of the speakers did not get there in time. We could hear the lunatics bellowing in the street below, but otherwise the event went off as planned.

As we see in the States, Antifa in Denmark enjoys broad police protection. It is unlawful in Denmark to have a protest without a permit. It’s always unlawful to block the streets and prevent people from going about their business. The cops could have arrested the whole lot of them, it was maybe fifty, and been done with it. Instead, they let them run riot for the most part. The only thing the cops did was keep them from attacking the building in which the conference was held. The cops were there to support Antifa. …

An interesting comment about the migration from libertarianism, which can only work in an implied future where everyone has moved past group politics and is just like the bright northern Europeans of the previous century:

In America, most dissidents came through libertarianism, but not through organized structure like the Libertarian Party. Some came this way through conventional conservative politics. Of course, some older guys came this way through paleoconservatism. Hardly anyone was in organized politics, much less underground politics. The typical guy you meet at a dissident event in America was a libertarian until he spent time around vibrancy and realized it could never work.